Best Apps For Killing Time In Restaurants

Best Apps For Killing Time In Restaurants


Killing time. Pesky, pesky time. Never enough of it when you want it, but you can bet that if you’re early for something or just eagerly awaiting someone else’s arrival, those seconds will tick by like hours. This is never truer than when you’re at a restaurant and you’re the first of your party to arrive. Do people think that you’re a bit too keen? Are they worried that this poor sod has been stood up? The longer you’re required to wait, alone at a table, the longer these paranoid ideas begin to creep in and you instinctively reach for your smartphone to check the time and if your tardy dining companion has let you know that they’re on their way. No news? Well, since the phone’s out and you’ve probably already spent a little too much time on (Ad) for the day, maybe a cheeky game or two would be a good idea to pass the time. Here are our three favourite apps for a quick bit of fun to pass the time before a meal.

Rocklien Run

Simple, effective and thoroughly absorbing, Rocklien Run is one of my favourite go to gaming apps for when I need to kill a few minutes. Set in space (obvs) it’s your job to steer a spaceship through countless asteroids, Bubbliens, Botliens and Rockliens by dodging, rolling and smashing your way through with the help of colourful stars, each imbued with their own special power. There is no real end to this game, only spaceship updates, which makes it great for quick round as there’s nothing particularly addictive that you don’t want to tear yourself away from.

Words With Friends

So your friends late? Sod ’em, you’ve got plenty others out there in the wordy world of scrabble app, Words With Friends. Verse friends, family or strangers around the world to cerebrum stretching matching of everyone’s favourite word game. Do well and climb up the leaderboard and have your top scoring words emblazoned for everyone to see just how clever you really are.

So we may be a little late to the party on this one as it’s even been name dropped on political drama House Of Cards, but it’s a classic nonetheless and deserves a quick mention. Travel around the world of and eat other players until you’re the biggest boss around, but watch out! Any player bigger than you is hungrier for your tiny cell than you are for that dinner your waiting for.


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