The Best Apps For Businesses On Twitter

The Best Apps For Businesses On Twitter


Granted, it can be difficult to get your head around a new technology. But businesses have, of late, been struggling. Twitter, it seems, has a habit of not only bring the worst out of people during election cycles but also companies hell-bent on using it to sell their products.

Here are some apps designed to make your life a little easier.

Apps That Keep You Up To Date

Apps like Social Mention are popular among business, for obvious reasons. For one, they allow companies to track opinion on certain topics from a range of sites, not just Twitter, and funnel all that information into an easy-to-use dashboard. And on top of that, they provide users with updates in real time, meaning that businesses owners are able to stay in the know at all times.

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Apps That Help You Share Files

Sharing photos on Twitter is easy enough, but what if you want to share files that don’t fit the conventional mold? Then what?

Fortunately, businesses have the option of using apps like Twileshare. These apps allow businesses, as well as managers to share anything they want over Twitter, including work-related formats like PDFs and XML files. It’s also a useful feature for companies whose businesses rely on selling online educational resources. Apps like Twileshare allow these companies to do things like offer free trials over Twitter, getting their customers interested in what they’re doing through social media.

Apps That Provide Symbols

Sometimes you need more than the regular characters on your keyboard to write a place name or communicate an idea. This is where sites like come in handy. They list symbols and characters using an app that can be used to spice up your Tweets. Quality apps ensure that all symbols are in alphabetical order – if that applies – and should be compatible with HTML.

Apps That Track Your Followers

Social media managers like nothing better than to know what their users are doing at any given time, but following thousands of individual accounts by hand is impossible. Fortunately, there are apps, like Tweriod, that track your followers and tell you when they’re most likely to be online, based on a sampling of their behavior. This means that companies can find out when their Tweets are most liable to be reTweeted, and when followers are going to be most engaged.

Apps That Manage Your Account

Managing social media is a time-consuming task, even for the most efficient businesses. Now, though, there’s an app called Tweetdeck that promises to take some of the legwork out of it. TweetDeck is a kind of all-in-one management app that is particularly useful when it comes to posting updates.

Of course, there are other options, most notably Hootsuite, but the type of management platform you choose depends on the needs of your business. According to, if you’re a business that values tracking users and topics more than updating content, then Hootsuite is the better option. Otherwise, stick with TweetDeck.