Benefits For Business: The Video Conferencing Edge

Benefits For Business: The Video Conferencing Edge


In business, having an edge can mean the difference between staying in the game or being driven out by your competition. One way to give your company the advantage it needs is to invest in tools like video systems. Here’s how it can benefit your business:

Easy updates

If you’re running a business, and you’ve got teams scattered all over the state, continent or globe, a reliable video chatting software can make things so much easier on your end. Keep everyone on the same page with video meetings, says Small Biz Daily. It’s easy to get updates to the rest of your team this way, no matter if you’re in HQ or in one of the offices your company owns worldwide.

Save on costs and effort

No need to spend on airplane fare, bus tickets, cab allowances along with food and overnight accommodation costs. You can lower other expenses associated with travel. By using video for your meetings, employees can conduct meetings, interviews and trainings right where they are. That means less lag times for your team so they get more work done in the day. Compare that to when you had to send your managers to other branches of the office just to conduct a training session for new hires. Factor in the travel time and costs and that’s a whole lot of wasted resources right there. There’s also the fact that constant travels take their toll on anyone and this could hurt employee performance in the long term. With video meetings, you don’t just save on costs and time, you also save on employee effort. That means they will have more energy to see to other things at work. It’s a win-win for you.

Improve work efficiency

Stress can kill productivity and efficiency at work. So if you’ve got employees coming in with 2 hours of morning commutes and another 2 to 3 hours of commutes in the evening, that’s going to affect their physical and mental well-being. If they’re tired and stressed out by the morning commute—the rude commuters, the brutal traffic and possible road accidents caused by small, furry animals that run off the road—this could affect their performance first thing. By taking advantage of business video conferencing solutions from BlueJeans and deploying measures to provide your team with flexible work-from-home options, they get a reprieve from this cycle. With less commuting stress, your people are more than ready to get to work. They can start as early as you need them to or stay as late if there’s a deadline to beat. After all, they aren’t worried about beating the morning rush or getting home late. Video meetings have tossed those worries off their plate.

Faster decisions

When it comes to deliberating an issue or going over project revisions or changes, video wins, hands-down, over email or chat. When you’re trying to propose adjustments, you’ll need to be careful with your wording. But you also want to make sure you champion your case. And that could mean long blocks of text. Not everyone is going to read through all that. You could miss out on a golden opportunity to make your team see things your way because of an email as long as Crime and Punishment. With video, though, you can easily talk a mile a minute. Imagine the time you save just by using video meetings. You can easily deliberate or argue about issues on video rather than on long, email threads that could get confusing. As a result, you can get decisions made that much faster. If you’ve been doing it through email or chat for a long time now, you might want to improve your production schedule by accelerating your decision-making process. Start by investing in the right video conferencing tools.

Eliminate geography

At work, one of the issues managers have to deal with is lousy attendance. A lot of people coming in late in the mornings isn’t the best way to get a busy work day started. One of the reasons people come in late, though, is that they live a good distance away. By offering employees with video solutions that allow them to work from home, that distance won’t have to keep coming between you and your employee’s perfect attendance record. Video also makes it easy for managers to run herd on remote employees. That means you can afford to hire qualified talent from anywhere in the world. That’s quite a boon, especially if the local talent pool is pretty dry. With a global talent market, you won’t have to worry about failing to fulfil your goals. Getting the right hire should be easy. This also means you can expand your market in the same way. With video, you can reach out to your customers on a global scale, says Chron.

So get an edge over your competition. Give video conferencing a try.


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