Besnatched: Don’t lose your grip!

Besnatched: Don’t lose your grip!


Besnatched iPhone App Review

It’s not often that a game manages to slip through the close inspection of Apple before it makes it to the app store, however, there are the odd instances when the testers must have had an off day… this is one of those days.

Let me introduce you to Besnatched, a quirky little number that has a certain familiar feel about it. Resembling something like a traditional one arm bandit fruit machine, you must do the typical thing of making a column or row of three or more of the same symbols. What makes this trickier to do is that you’re racing against the clock and only have a limited number of moves to pull off the desired level of combos.

The issue I really have with this isn’t the fact that it’s seemingly impossible to do within the limits, but the actual controls themselves. What you must try to do is pick the desired cube and move it left, right, up or down. This is usually a simple thing to do, but regardless of whether you have sausage fingers or not, it proves less than reliable and often delivers less than desirable results and usually costs you a move and ultimately the game.

So if you have the patience of a saint, a logical problem solving mind and the most acute fingers you will possibly find this app worthwhile adding to your collection. However, if you like your sanity and don’t want to throw your device under a bus in disgust and total frustration, then really save yourself the bother and go elsewhere.


  • Addictive
  • Lots of challenging levels
  • Simple to understand


  • Controls throw a massive spanner in the works
  • Terribly frustrating



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