Beesy iPad App – Organised note taking and Project Management app!

Beesy iPad App – Organised note taking and Project Management app!


Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 20.37.30Beesy Overview
Beesy is a business productivity app designed for use by professionals, managers and staff members to specifically aid them to create and structure their business meeting notes. With an automated to-do list feature, professionals are able to manage tasks, daily planning, projects, people and actions effectively. Beesy also syncs with the iPad calendar and imports your contacts, resulting in a highly organised and efficient productivity app.

App Features
Beesy begins with a detailed user guide and thorough instructions, allowing users to gain the maximum outcomes and benefits from this professional productivity app. In order to achieve its key purpose of structuring and organising notes to handle and manage tasks effectively, the app contains useful tabs that combine to fulfil this outcome. These include:

  • Notes – This tab allows the user to take notes during meetings, which can be structured using a range of templates for easier minute taking. Any meeting notes have an agenda of topics, actions and participants. To-do lists are then automatically generated, displaying all task items from your notes. This then allows users to easily access and edit information.
  • Projects – Projects can be created in order to meet and establish set goals, allowing for different projects to be assigned to specific goals. Notes and actions can be assigned to these projects.
  • Actions – Within this tab, actions can be sorted according to their type. This may include a task, event, audio, web, telephone call or photo. Actions can be ordered and customised to suit individual business needs. Specific information can be added to each action to determine whether it may be urgent, private and important or if any preparation or timescales are involved.
  • People – This allows users to add the participants who attended the meeting and to also assign certain tasks to certain people. Contacts can also be imported from your contacts. Once tasks have been assigned, to-do lists are created for those individuals.
  • Dashboard Matrix – This features the calendar, which syncs with the iPad calendar, to display actions with their due dates. It also displays information by day or week, as well as overdue tasks. Meeting notes can be added to help daily planning run smoothly and effectively.

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The new enhancements of the app offer great benefits, including the use of following-up on any incomplete actions from previous meeting notes and the ability to export to Dropbox, thus making this an ideal app for any modern business. For a small download fee of £1.49 each, users have the extra option to import documents and export reports to PDF. These are useful added features for everyday use, which are recommended and worth the extra download!

ConclusionsScreen shot 2013-07-01 at 20.38.19
Beesy is a useful and efficient app that would benefit any business or organisation looking to organise their daily tasks effectively. The extensive help guides, along with its well-designed layout, make it very user friendly. The ability to customise and edit information also makes it unique for each type of business. The app is very effective in saving time and effort for its users and presents a well-organised, clear and concise format. It details project management activity, tasks, actions and goals, including the responsibilities and deadlines of participants involved in a professional and helpful way.

Future Developments
The developers of Beesy are currently in the process of developing the app further by allowing for multi-device syncing and collaboration options between users. This will then allow the app to be compatible with the iPhone. There is also an Android version in the pipeline, which is anticipated for release in 2014. For more information, please visit their website.

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