10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Help You Navigate a New...

10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Help You Navigate a New City


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Before you go off exploring in a new city, it’s a good idea to make sure you know where you are going and, more importantly, how to get there. Having a virtual map of the city will give you the ability to roam free, discover new and exciting places and take in the sight and sounds around you without becoming hopelessly lost. With these ten apps installed on your iPhone, exploring a new city becomes a much more enriching and rewarding experience. No need to worry about getting lost – with these apps all of your navigation needs are at your fingertips.

  • Sooligan – By delivering real-time information, the free Sooligan app helps you navigate your way around any new city. Real people contribute to the information stored on Sooligan’s ever-expanding database by sharing personal and experience recommendations for cities all over the world. If you need information on a city you are visiting or have just moved to, simply launch Sooligan and get the answers you need from the expert community.
  • Foodspotting– Find all your favorite dishes served by the best restaurants in the city with this free food-finding app. You can find any style of cuisine, along with addresses, contact details and directions to relevant restaurants. Foodspotting is simple to use and returns real-time results directly to your iPhone. Never get lost in search of your favorite cuisine again!
  • FourSquare – Using an incredibly accurate GPS system, FourSquare identifies your location, and then brings you all the information you need for nearby events and establishments. There are promotions and discounts available through FourSquare, as well as a “Top Picks” feature which helps you find the most highly recommended locations in the city.
  • MotionX GPS – This $0.99 app is popular with hikers, snowboarders and skiers, and one of the best navigation apps available for the iPhone. MotionX GPS boasts over five million users, with free maps available from all over the world. Users can store maps directly to their iPhone, allowing access both on and offline.
  • Google Maps for iPhone – In an ever expanding and competitive apps market, Google Maps is still going strong. The simplicity of Google maps makes it easy to use for anyone who is exploring a new city. Users can quickly find locations and related information, along with directions by car, bike, public-transport or on foot. Google Maps provides a number of routes, including estimated travel times to your final destination, too.
  • MapQuest – This all-in-one app provides directions to restaurants, gas-stations and many more common locations in your chosen area with one-tap technology. MapQuest has a built-in speaking navigator that guides the user at every turn. Traffic displays and forecasts are updated every five minutes, bringing you the latest news on the fastest routes to your destination. MapQuest is a free app available from the iPhone store.
  • TravelSafe Pro – One of the worst things that can happen when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar city is to lose access to important information from your emails or other online sources. TravelSafe acts as a Swiss Army Knife for travelers, allowing the user to download, unzip and send documents in multiple formats. The app also includes a currency converter and integrated maps. TravelSafe is a virtual task-management tool available for purchase for $0.99 from iTunes.
  • Hostelworld – No matter what your budget, Hostelworld will help you find the most affordable deal near you in countries all over the world. You can view photos of properties, read user reviews and get directions instantly using this free app. The app allows you to sort accommodation by price, rating or name. Properties listed include hostels, bed & breakfast accommodations and hotels.
  • WorldMate – Going out into a new city without a plan is a recipe for disaster. WorldMate is an all-in-one itinerary planner, navigator and booking system that will keep you from venturing out into unfamiliar territory without the appropriate tools. You can organize your hotel, flights and travel information without the need for multiple apps. If you plan on visiting a city again in the future, use WorldMate’s express booking function to save time during the planning process.
  • HopStop – With over 550 cities and counting, HopStop is your direct connection to public transit almost anywhere in the world. The app also provides estimated travel costs for transit systems in each city, as well as directions to your desired location. Smart Route provides a list of all possible routes, giving you control over how you get to your destination and when.

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