App Review: Jack Invaders Brings Retro-Style Arcade Gaming to Your iPhone

App Review: Jack Invaders Brings Retro-Style Arcade Gaming to Your iPhone


Jack Invaders LiteJack Invaders is an addictive arcade-style game for the iPhone. With its retro design and fast-paced fixed shooter action, the game is reminiscent of classics such as Galaga and Space Invaders. However, Jack Invaders isn’t a mere carbon copy of the old school Atari shooters. Set inside Jack’s body, the object of the game is to shoot down a slew of invading virus enemies before they reach the bottom of the screen. With the Lite version available for free from the App Store and the full version costing only $0.99, Jack Invaders is a must-try game for any fan of  classic arcade action.

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Graphics and Gameplay:
When you fire up Jack Invaders for the first time, right away you’ll notice the great graphics and sound, well beyond what the Atari shooters could offer. The game features colorful cartoon-like backgrounds and animation, catchy theme music, and explosive sound effects.

Jack Invaders

The object of the game is to shoot the invading viruses out of the sky. Like with Space Invaders, your enemies appear from the top of the screen and slowly float downward. By tapping either side of the screen, you pivot your canon from side to side in order to blast the viruses before they reach your shields. It takes precise aiming and constant coordination, especially when you reach the more advanced levels and have whole clusters of viruses attacking from both sides.

Unique Features:
Jack InvadersTo make things more interesting, Jack Invaders incorporates some new elements into the classic shooter archetype. First of all, you’re given a shield system, represented by a cluster of blocks across the bottom of the screen. Every time an enemy gets past your line of fire, they destroy part of your shields. Once they break all the way through, the game is over. To pass each level, you must survive long enough without any enemies getting through.

Another new gaming element is the upgrade system. After each level, you’re given the option to choose one upgrade: shield repair, faster shooting, faster pivoting, or decreased survival time. This provides more in-depth strategic gameplay than was possible with the simpler Atari shooters, making Jack Invaders even more fun and involving.

Jack Invaders


  • Fast-paced, addictive gameplay that’s reminiscent of classic arcade games
  • Eye-catching graphics in a colorful retro design
  • Free Lite version available with 5 levels and 3 difficulty settings
  • Full version available for only $0.99


  • Full version required to play all 10 levels

The Verdict:
With its outstanding graphics, sound effects, and more in-depth gameplay, Jack Invaders a great upgrade to the already-addictive old school arcade shooters.

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