Basketball fans can now practice their shots with iBasket

Basketball fans can now practice their shots with iBasket


Alley oop, fast break, rim shot and brick may all sound like four members of an X Factor reject rap group to most people, but should you ever find yourself on the sweltering hot basketball courts in downtown L.A., these terms may help you escape with a little dignity…and your wallet.  Basketball lovers should check out this simple, yet addictive new iPhone App that allows the gamer to shoot at a basket from varying distances, using a power and length guide to ensure that you get that satisfying swoosh as the ball sinks into the net.

There is not a lot of variety in the game, yet the skill lies in judging the distances and power in order to try and get a succession of shots in the net, scoring points for each basket.  If you get more than three in a row in the net, you double the points that you make on the next basket, then if your winning streak continues, you can triple the point score on each shot and then if you get them in…well, you get the picture.  Extra time can be added on to the clock that is running down by scoring clean shots, i.e. ‘nothing but net!’, allowing you more opportunity to increase your score, which can then be submitted to the leader board.

This game won’t keep you entertained for hours on end, but it is quite a fun little time-passer and you can always imagine that you are in downtown L.A. with your homeboys, but without the constant fear of drive-by shootings, gang warfare or sunstroke.

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