Talk Tall Stories Next To Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room...

Talk Tall Stories Next To Campfire – Live Group Video Chat Room App!


Nothing quite beats sitting around a campfire with friends, lighting up s’mores and talking sh*t into the wee hours. But, we can’t all be frequent campers or inner-city arsonists (or at least you shouldn’t be) so some clever clogs over at Campfire Video Chat & Hangouts have developed an app that brings you as close to those much-loved wilderness hangs as local authorities will allow in urban developments. Ladies and gents, guys and gals, let me introduce to you the  Campfire – Live group video chat room app, for all your live group video chat room desires.

Campfire – Live group video chat room is a bit of a mouthful, so for the purpose of this review, I’m just gonna call it Campfire to save my tired fingers, but hopefully you’ll get what I mean. So what is it? Well, if the name didn’t spell it out for you, Campfire is a chat room app for groups of friends who like to see each others faces – live – and with stickers!

So that’s what it is, but if the slogan’s anything to go by, what it does is “bring people together”. Aww. But seriously, this app is an awesome addition to group chats, as it encompasses everything rad about Snapchat (the oh-so-fun filters), Whatsapp (the group chats) and Skype (live video streaming) into one handy download.

The app is free and available to iOS users (sorry Androiders – but my guess is that if Campfire continues to ride to wave of popularity that its already enjoyed, you guys’ll get an edition sometime soon). As far as I can tell, the app comes with no annoying advertorials or sneaky in-app purchases which is always a bonus for a freebie. The only thing that will be required of Campfire’s users is their telephone number and access to their camera and microphone. If you don’t believe the Wikileaks hype, then this shouldn’t freak you out – if you do believe the Wikileaks hype then what the hell are you doing on a live-stream chat app anyways? Also, you can always turn off your camera and microphone when you’re not using it, it’s just a bit of a faff.

So what are you waiting for? Stoke the flames of your social significance by heading over to the App Store to download Campfire – Live group video chat room, today!


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