Aurum Blade: Zelda, Eat your Heart Out!

Aurum Blade: Zelda, Eat your Heart Out!


Aurum Blade iPhone App Review
It’s a rare thing indeed to find a game that manages to capture all the best bits of gameplay and is able to put them all together at your fingertips. Take Zelda for example, or Final Fantasy VII (as we all know that one is the best!), the makers were able to put together the most entertaining gaming experience for all to play.

Aurum Blade is of the same kind of calibre, where you must roam lands and beat monsters as you go to improve your skills, power and collect coins along the way. I can’t quite say it has some of the magic of the previously named titles, but for an app, it is remarkable and very entertaining and without question, quickly draws you in with its story.

I would say this game suffers in the controls department which took a while to get to grips with (for ages I kept attacking thin air and succumbing to the attacks of the advancing monsters that I wasn’t able to hit). However, once you’ve mastered the controls, you’ll be able to advance quite quickly through the levels.

The graphics are bright and clear, the interactive elements of each level are also quite simple to find and I feel this would appeal to both young gamers and those who are more experienced. Ultimately, it will keep you playing for many hours and it would be best if you set aside a few hours each night to work your way through this.


  • Epic gameplay
  • Lots of action and entertainment
  • Plenty of scope to develop your character


  • Not easy to put down – so don’t make any plans
  • The controls are a little awkward and can be costly to your health


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