Astro Comet: Woah! What a Red Herring!

Astro Comet: Woah! What a Red Herring!


Astro Comet iPhone App Review

Right on the first note of the menu music!

This game is highly intuitive. No instructions needed whatsoever. I think it was harder to figure out the menu in Fruit Ninja that it was to learn the navigation in Astro Comet.

The game is very simple: a paddle wars variation, taking place in the stars. The menu transitions make you feel like you’re practically in the stars, moving from planet to planet. It’s a lot like one of those early Star Wars games where you’re selecting your options from within space, or inside a space station.

The challenge of the game is balanced between moving the paddles in a circular motion quickly enough and being capable of ricocheting the comet off the correct angle to send it in the right direction. Rather than a free for all, Astro Comet forces you to count your chickens and carefully progress through each level without going overboard.

Astro Comet gets a 7/10. Were the graphics a little fancier and slick, I’d bump it up, but a simple paddle game can hardly be considering the hit of the century. Although, the music at the beginning of the game certainly suggests it.


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