Archers Online: Like A Blind William Tell!

Archers Online: Like A Blind William Tell!


Archers Online iPhone App Review

Apps have been around for several years now and you usually find apps fall into one or two categories; free or paid for. Archers is one that is now bringing a type of game that I’ve always been loathed to find – a game where you have to pay to play and buy upgrades.

OK, if you are into the sorts of surreal worlds where you can buy modifications and then apply these to your games then fair enough, but for me, I don’t see this as much more than exploitation.

All right, getting down of the soapbox, what’s this game like to play? Well, if you enjoy the sort of turn based game where you can select your angle then choose the weapon and decide what power you wish to apply to your shot, then this will undoubtedly appeal. There’s just one pretty big fly in this ointment, the fact you can play these sorts of games (Worms etc.) either for free (and not pay for unlocking improved weapons), or pay for the game itself and enjoy it for as long as you wish to keep it.

If you managed to get over this hurdle there’s another quite critical one – it’s only really playable online, and as no-one has this game, matching up games is impossible (I left the game running in an effort to pair up with someone else and after several hours, nothing!) So I had to resolve myself with just practicing.

In short, this game is pretty lame and sadly it doesn’t fulfil any elements that a game should. I would play it safe and stick to one of the better known and more entertaining games on offer.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Simple


  • No-one to compete against
  • You will have to purchase ammo using real cash once you’ve depleted your gold and silver ‘coins’
  • Very repetitive
  • Lack of originality


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