AppyGeek: Discover a Whole world of Technology News

AppyGeek: Discover a Whole world of Technology News


AppyGeek iPhone App Review

If you’re looking for a fun, visually appealing way to read all the latest technology news on your mobile device, AppyGeek is a great choice. Recently revamped with a new design voted on by the app’s users, AppyGeek provides a sleek and intuitive interface for exploring all that’s going on in the world of technology.

As a first impression, AppyGeek looks great. The main screen offers you a choice of subsections which will filter stories based on popularity, content or ‘mood’. The latter is a fun addition which allows you to browse stories according to your chosen mood – stories that make you happy, angry, sad etc. The down side is that the mood of these stories are categorized by other users, so a story classed as ‘happy’ might have the opposite effect on some, but all in all it’s a fun way to explore the news and discover stories you might otherwise overlook.

Other notable features include a ‘cloud’ button that brings up a selection of keywords relative to a story and allows you to select these to view further stories featuring those keywords. You can also personalize the apps home screen with topics of your choice, and the options are pleasingly diverse with topics like Linux and Kickstarter available alongside more obvious choice like Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. Happily, the content itself comes from a range of providers diverse enough to keep all but the most picky media buffs content, and it is refreshing to see that the app is feeding off a decent selection of independent news agencies rather than the limited resources used by similar apps.

There are a few downsides: the spelling mistake on the launch page of the app didn’t inspire much initial confidence, and the ‘Breaking News’ notifications seem to consist of stories that have already been available on the app for quite some time, rather than anything genuinely breaking. Those small gripes aside, however, AppyGeek remains a fun, interesting and unique way to keep abreast of current affairs in the technological world.



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