AMATEUR SURGEON 2 – Forget forceps and scalpels; Think more pizza cutters...

AMATEUR SURGEON 2 – Forget forceps and scalpels; Think more pizza cutters and Car Batteries!

AMATEUR SURGEON 2 iPhone App Review
Rise with Alan Probe to become the number one unqualified surgeon in town, performing increasingly difficult, risky procedures with your untrained and unwashed hands. This app combines amusingly revolting violence, the medical training of a tree surgeon and the joy and fulfillment of saving lives!

Enter the world of uncertified, unsanitary, backstreet surgery! Forget health and safety, forget scary scalpels, forget fiddly forceps and forget those funny antiseptic gel dispensers that cover hospital walls. You don’t even have to wash your hands in Alan Probes’ backstreet surgery/slaughterhouse; just show that even with no knowledge of anatomy or medicine, you can save lives on the operating table time after time.

AMATEUR SURGEON 2 iPhone App Review
Take to the operating table, learn a new form of surgery and save lives… you don’t even have to wash your hands!

Perform medical marvels using ‘Dr.’ Probes’ choice of precision tools; a pizza cutter for delicate incisions, some salad tongs to remove any foreign objects and a nice neat burn with a lighter followed by a good old needle and thread to close up the wound. The steady beep of the monitor brings the tension to an unbearable level; but a car battery is on standby should you need to restart any hearts.

Developed by the people behind the [adult swim] cartoons, Amateur Surgeon is not for the faint hearted and naturally comes with an age limit attached. However for those of you eager to get your germ-ridden hands slicing up some bodies, the storyline is as humorous as it is stomach churning.

Amateur Surgeon 2 - [adult swim]Developer: by Turner Broadcasting System Inc
Latest release date: 8th November 2010
Price: £1.79


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