Action Movie FX: Weapons Hot!

Action Movie FX: Weapons Hot!


Action Movie FX iPhone App Review

Let’s face it – who out there hasn’t ever felt the desire to launch a missile at something? Perhaps your car won’t start, or your partner is irking you, or maybe next door’s cat has been using the front of your house as its personal toilet again – don’t they deserve justice by missile? Well, now that’s possible, thanks to Action Movie FX.

The app – from Lost creator J. J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Interactive – allows you to lay action effects over video. So, shoot a few seconds of film – let’s say of the nearest annoying/comedy object/person – and then choose your method of destruction. The free version will allow you to see your intended target get blown up by a missile or get crushed by a rolling car, while paid bundles offer chopper down, tornado, air strike and fire fight effects.

It is well put together, as you might expect considering the company it originated from – even the audio comes from Skywalker Sound – and the options to share via Facebook or email give it an added element of fun. But it still isn’t much more than a novelty app – something you’ll soon tire of. That said, Action Movie FX taps into one of the core elements of why people enjoy action movies: that it’s fun watching stuff being blown up.

Pros:You might well get addicted to firing missiles at any given object at any given time. The washing-up is currently high on my agenda of missile-fodder.

Cons:It’s a just a novelty, although a good one.



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