A host of mini-games crammed into one neat packaged

A host of mini-games crammed into one neat packaged


Press release by Developer:

APP DESCRIPTION: Most gamers have at one time come across a “gamebox” – a program featuring a host of mini-games crammed into one neat packaged. At least, they would be neat if they didn’t substitute quality for quantity. Unfortunately the vast majority of these pack too much filler and not enough killer. Who wants a zillion-in-one games when only one-in-a-zillion is worth playing? Well, things are going to change around here… may we introduce Gamebox+.

 Think of this as a new improved gamebox with an airtight lid; not just any game can make it into this box of tricks. The developers aim is to ensure every mini-game is genuinely fun, sometimes quirky and never included just to make up the numbers. The visuals are all colorful and crisp, something Wonder Whale will soon become known for. Game Center achievements and leader boards are also included for each title.

Gamebox+ is launching with 3 free games and the majority of the app’s content will always be free. Every fourth game will be premium, with the option of unlocking it via an in-app purchase after trying out a free demo. These premium games will be bigger, longer or more complex so the gamer gets value for money along with all the great freebies they can play.

As well as single game upgrades, premium membership is available providing instant access to all current and future premium titles as soon as they are added. This will also give access to special features, contests and remove all ads. Early supporters are being rewarded with forever-free content at a bargain price, with permanent premium membership currently available for only $0.99.

Gamebox+ version 1.0 features the following free titles:

  • Pops – Pop squares of matching color as quickly as you can. Aim for big combos and pop squares holding power-ups for special effects and high scores in each 1 minute blitz game.
  • Chalk Chalk Magic! – How steady are your hands? Test yourself by seeing how many shapes you can accurately trace before the time is up. The time limit for each picture is unforgiving, making this frantic but fun. Careful to stay inside the lines!
  • Jump It Up – Spring through the sky collecting stars and power-ups in this Doodle Jump-esque platformer.


New games will be added with each future update and will include titles by guest developers, which will establish Gamebox+ as a gaming platform, not just a one-off game itself.  Older games will also be enhanced with add-ons and edits so that all content is continually evolving and improving. Wonder Whale will be inviting some of the best artists from around the globe to collaborate on future games to keep the visuals varied and vibrant.

ABOUT THE DEVELOPER: Wonder Whale is an independent creative under-water ninja team and a proud member of the Picco family. It was founded in April 2010 with a simple goal to bring those new and sweet ideas to the platforms and devices that inspire them. They like to conceptualize, prototype and create, occasionally surfacing to show the results to the world. They are based in Szczecin, Poland, are known for being coffee lovers and charging their creative cells with stashed supplies of milk and cookies. Mmm… cookies…

ASSETS: Click here to download all imagery for this app: http://www.mediafire.com/?zlzxwfnzl3unzbe


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