A Christmas Fairy Tale – A Lovely App to Entertain the Little...

A Christmas Fairy Tale – A Lovely App to Entertain the Little Ones

A Christmas Fairy Tale iPhone App Review
A Christmas Fairy Tale is a story telling app that young kids will love!

Anyone with a small child will enjoy watching the little one’s face light up at this delightful fairy tale. It’s a simple storybook app, but unusually beautifully done. What a great way to keep the kids entertained and happy while waiting in the Christmas shopping queues or stuck in the snow!

A Christmas Fairy Tale tells the story of Otto, a young and handsome count with a heart of stone. Follow Otto as he meets the fairies at Fairy Well, where a magical transformation occurs…

The story app has three different modes: “Read myself”, which is a simple book format with nice sound effects; “Read to me”, which combines narrative with word highlights for beginning readers – they still control the speed of page turning, which is important; and “Auto play”, which acts more like a video slideshow for the kids to watch.

The fairy tale also provides super little interactive animations – your child can tap on a shimmering star to start a mini-animation, and gets a chance to decorate the Christmas tree in the Great Hall with all sorts of sparkly wonders.

All in all, this is an adorable little app that will bring a festive glow to children and adults alike!



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