8-Bit Zombie (Not Reviewed)

8-Bit Zombie (Not Reviewed)


Note: We haven’t reviewed this app yet. The following description is from the Apple App Store. If you think this app is worth reviewing then please mention in the comments section at the end of this post.

App Store Description:

8-Bit Zombie is an addicting 2D shooter that’s fun, competitive, and awesome.


  • Sweet 8-Bit graphics
  • Awesome physics for zombie limbs!
  • 8-Bit gore
  • Wicked market with loads of upgrades and weapons
  • Game Center leader boards
  • Killer 8-Bit Retro music

*Back story

You, a random dude in a science lab, have accidentally spilled 8-Bit gene mutation transformation serum on your 8-Bit colleagues, causing them to turn into zombies and reproduce rapidly! Oh no! Use your trusty 8-Bit weapons to blast every limb, body part, and head off the things before they eat your 8-Bit brains out!

*Market Items

  • Shotgun
  • Gold Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Stopping Power
  • Heart Spawn Boost
  • Revive
  • Health Upgrade


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