7 Best iPhone Apps For Christmas 2011

7 Best iPhone Apps For Christmas 2011


The Top 7 iPhone Apps for Christmas 2011

Christmas is rapidly approaching and if your idea of celebrating the joy of the season doesn’t revolve around awkward family gatherings where you are forced to engage in activities likeattempting to harmonize “Silent Night”, wearing the cat sweater your Aunt Phyllis knitted for you, or faking a smile when you open gifts that you plan to exchange the day after Christmas…the good news is you’ve got your trusty iPhone filled with fun apps to keep you sane! Point your digits to the App Store and make your escape with the top seveniPhone apps this Christmas that are sure to have you feeling festive:

1: White Christmas – Free; White Christmas - sknetworksinternet

Are you dreaming of a snowy white scene straight out of your favorite Christmas story? Well, if you are spending Christmas in southern California and the chance for wintery precipitation is unlikely, you can at least edit your iPhone pictures with wintery effects! With the free White Christmas app, you can enhance your Christmas pictures with falling snowflakes and other various holiday themed images. Share with friends and upload your customized holiday photos straight to Facebook, Twitter or send via email!

2: Naughty or Nice Meter – Free; Naughty or Nice Meter - aHandSoft, Inc.

Are you on the good list or the bad list this year? If you are curious as to whether or not Santa found out about those couple ofmistakes and what the likelihood is of that plasma TV winding up under the tree on Christmas morning, then you’re going to need to install the Naughty or Nice Meter ($.99). A fun app to break out at holiday parties, the Naughty or Nice Meter allows you to shake or tap snowflakes that will give you a random response from St. Nick saying if you or your friends have been naughty or nice!

3: Christmas Countdown – Free; Christmas Countdown w/Music - Energize Software

So that you don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season get the best of you, make sure that you keep an up-to-the-minute countdown of when the big day is to arrive. Not only will the free Christmas Countdown app track the precise time until December 25thand allow you to update your Facebook status with the time remaining, but it also features five different soundtracks of your favorite Christmas tunes that are guaranteed to get you in the spirit!

4: Christmas Mishap – Free; Christmas Mishap - Lucera

For the game lovers out there, Christmas Mishap ($.99) is a definite game app to get addicted to this year. Have some fun by helping Santa gather lost gifts and keep them safe after he accidentally loses control over his sleigh. Rack up points by touching the gifts that have fallen out of Santa’s bag as quickly as possible while paying attention to the order in which you select the gifts—you can earn extra points by making combos!

5: Let it Snow Globe – $0.99; Let It Snow Globe - Four Corners Development Group

Snow globes have long been an integral part of many a holiday tradition. And thanks to this technologically advanced world in which we live, we now have the ability to turn our iPhones into one of our favorite Christmas mementos. For just $.99 download the Let it Snow Globe app, simply shake your phone and watch as a picture of Santa and a Christmas evergreen is cascaded by a whimsical falling snow!

6: Christmas Tale HD –  Free; Christmas Tale HD - TabTale LTD

What better way to spend time with your family during the holidays than by sharing together your favorite Christmas stories? With Christmas Tale HD, you can read this top selling children’s Christmas book from your iPhone…or even have the app read it to you! In addition, Christmas Tale HD also comes equipped with features allowing you to create your own wish list as well as a Christmas countdown…all for free!

7: Quick Christmas List – $0.99; Quick Christmas List - CleverMatrix Ltd

If you’re the type who waits until Christmas Eve to fight the horrifying herds of holiday shoppers at the mall so that you can blind-spend your way through crossing off your loved ones on your Christmas list, then the Quick Christmas List ($.99) might be the perfect addition to your iPhone app collection. This Christmas app manages your holiday spending and enables you to create budgets and to do lists so that you can easily add what purchase needs to be made for each friend, family member or coworker this year!

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