5 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in April

5 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in April


Today we’ll take a quick glimpse at some of our favorite apps that were introduced in April. These apps seemed to have made it on top of the charts and some of them became very popular and recommended on iPhoneaAppcafe.com. These top apps were derived and based from the most number of facebook shares. So here we go with last month’s recommended iPhone apps rundown:

5. Babychange – Developer:: Axon Publishing, Released: 7 April 2011, Price: Free null Baby Change - Ninebark LLC

This app can be very handy and ideal especially in dire situations wherein parents need to change their baby’s nappy. Developed by Axon Publishing for the NCT parenting charity, the Babychange application allows UK mums and dads to find their nearest baby changing facility. It draws on your phone’s GPS function to position you on a Google map, with green and amber pins showing the facilities in your area.

4. Samurai Girl – Developer:: CJ Internet, Released: 21 April 2011, Price: £1.79 nullSamurai Girl - CJ Internet Corp.

This is a story that depicts of girl power or women empowerment. The developers have excelled in the variety of characters and backgrounds on show. You’ll have to work your way through stunningly designed worlds, with over 50 quests and 16 bosses to get to the evil Delta-M. This is more than just another RPG game. There is minimal time spent strolling around looking for clues and plenty of fast paced action to keep you enthralled for longer than average.

3. Spindoku – Developer:: Richard Burton for Tap to Play, Released: March 14, 2011, Price: $0.99 nullSpindoku - Richard Burton

Spindoku is a fun, light puzzler that that you can play anywhere like the playground, elevator, coffee shop. This app takes traditional Sudoku puzzles and tweaks them to appeal to many gamers. Instead of working out every number in every row and column to fill blank spaces, all you need to do is rotate a few clusters of numbers or colors, or symbols, or letters to find the solution. The game chooses which clusters will spin; all you have to do is decide how many rotations are needed.

2. Tappi Bear All in 1 – Pack 2 -Developer:: Hong Fai Wong Taplay.com,Released: 9 March 2011,Price: £0.59  nullTappi Bear All in 1 - Taplay Limited

Tappi Bar All in 1 iphone app review

Boasting of its cute characters and animations, Tappi Bear All in 1 will most likely end up to be your favorite application. This app will give you a quick distraction from stress. This is ideal for people who are not much into playing with those strategic ongoing games as it can be very easy to play. You can choose from these available games:

Tap Tap Spring: Tap left and right to help your bear-on-a-pogo-stick bounce from platform to platform. Earn combos and accumulate bonus donuts, but don’t fall off the edge.
Rainbow Band: Conduct an orchestra of multi-coloured birds by tapping the numbers above their heads in the right order. Counting upwards from one may seem easy, but it’s often a frantic struggle to find the next number before the timer runs out.

Tappi Bubble: Help Tappi Bear aim and shoot his bubbles at the ones descending from the top of the screen. Connecting three or more bubbles of the same colour causes them to disappear.

Donut Fever: Serve up different donut shapes, icing types and toppings to meet the needs of your impatient customers. If you disappoint three of these hungry bears, it’s game over.

Tap Tap Kick: In this game, Tappi Bear’s playing keepy-uppy. Keep tapping on the football to make sure it stays in the air and, once again, tap on the donuts for bonus points.

1. iVideoCamera – Developer:: Laan Consulting Corp, Released: 8 March 2011, Price: £0.59 nulliVideoCamera - record video with effects on any phone (2G, 3G, 3GS) - Laan Labs

iVideoCamera iphone app review

If there are unplanned moments in life that you want to capture and share, this application will be your best friend in giving you the best good sound and video quality. The app allows you to begin recording from the first touch so you’ll never need to worry about missing anything again. Just ensure you have sufficient storage space on your iPhone and make use of the high/low resolution feature, which could in turn speed up your download and transfer times. This is a fantastic visual feature because it offers added effects that you can include on your recordings, all for free! Some favorites include the snow falling effect, sparkles, heat and water effects, live breaking news banners and scrolling text across the screen that can be personalized to suit the video recording.

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