5 Latest And Greatest Word Game Apps

5 Latest And Greatest Word Game Apps


5 Latest And Greatest Word Game Applications

Whichever app categories we discuss, there’s no doubt that everyone loves a classic! Word games are no different; Scrabble, Hangman and Word Search will never go out of fashion and will be played and enjoyed time and time again! Many new and innovative word games are bursting though the app store and I have sifted through to find five of the best newcomers that just might make it onto the classics list in years to come! Check them out!

1. Word Bird – Word Bird® - funkitron

Word Bird is an innovative and extremely fun new word game. Users must build words from the grid presented and collect coins along the way. With so many variations to the game, new levels to unlock and daily challenges, Word Bird will be your next app-diction! It’s easy to play and highly addictive! It features some catchy music and sound effects and has a clear layout.

Word Bird iPhone App Review

Released: 15 November 2012
Developer: Funkitron, Inc.
Price: $0.99

2. LetterSlider – LetterSlider - Scott Stanchak

LetterSlider is a brilliantly challenging word game, which will transfix you for hours!

The purpose of LetterSlider is to form as many words as possible, by sliding the lettered tiles into place. It’s a simple concept but once the clock starts ticking, you have to think and slide in synchronisation! Users can score points and continue to challenge their best by trying to build longer words and spell more words within the time limit. Game play can be altered from 2 minutes to 5 minutes and scores can be shared on Social Media. A great game if you’re up for a challenge!

Letter Slider iPhone App Review

Updated: 29 November 2012
Developer: Scott Stanchak
Price: $0.99

3. RoJo Word – RoJo WORD - ZiggityZoom

RoJo is a fun and fast-paced word game that can be played solo or with up to 4 other players, using the Apple Game Centre. Users are presented with a rack of letters to form words, which includes a RED letter vowel. ‘RoJo’ is the Spanish translation for ‘red’ and so whenever the red letter vowel is used; the score for that word is doubled! The unique element to this game involves letters being used multiple times, making spelling options vast. Words can be formed using as little as two letters, through to ten letters in length. Letters can be shuffled and hints are available for those that need it.

Rojo Word iPhone App Review

Released: 14 November 2012
Developer: Ziggity Zoom, LLC
Price: $0.99

4. WordStreet – WordStreet - Xeative

WordStreet adds a modern and fun twist to a classic puzzle game. Users can choose to play either a classic or street mode game. The street mode is what sets this game apart from the rest, as all street slang is welcome here! This turn-taking based game can be played by up to 4 players and opponents can be easily connected with via Facebook integration, a personal friends list or the built-in match making system. Boards and tiles can also be customised to suit individual users. The street dictionary is actively growing, so why not ‘chillax’ with a game of WordStreet!

WordStreet iPhone App Review

Released: 26 November 2012
Developer: Xeative UG
Price: Free

5. Letris 2 – Letris 2: Word puzzle game - Ivanovich Games

Think of the classic game Tetris but with letters! Letris 2 is a fantastic game that requires its users to build as many words as possible, in order to keep the screen clear and tidy. The iPad version has a great split screen feature, allowing multiplayer modes. The WordMatrix mode is also available, which works in the opposite way to Letris. It presents users with a complete grid of letters, where words can be formed and then removed until all the tiles are gone!

Letris 2 iPhone App Review

Updated: 18 November 2012
Developer: Ivanovich Games
Price: Free


  1. EnsenaSoft’s newest app (by me, but rare I do a post about my own apps) “Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed” should also really be checked out if you are a fan of word games. Our first version was and continues to be among the top download “word search” games.

    This new version is unlike anything you have ever seen. We completed reimagined word search into “3d” using vector models and now the words are laid out on a 6×6 cube with each side have 7×7 grid of letters. The words can go left, right, up and down (so backwords and forwards).

    We originally were going to add in diagonal but found it tough enough as it was. Large words can wrap around 3 sides of the cube. Touch and hold moving your finger slightly to rotate around the cube. Tap the first letter and then the very last letter (or last then first, but only the letters at each end) to select a word.

    It has 24 words per puzzle, great famous quotes for many category names and each puzzle takes around 15-25 minutes to solve. There are 84 puzzles in all divided into 4 categories based upon the items on desk of starting screen. With a spooky mysterious detective theme and unique design I really thought it might be mentioned above as believe it is one of the first word games to truly embrace 3d programming and not just 2d flat games. Lastly, the puzzle use a set of word from a larger list and are laid out randomly by our AI so you can play the same puzzle over and over again to get more points or stars.

    There is a Free version to try it first and paid version is only $1 with no IAP like all EnsenaSoft games. It does require iOS 6.0 and newer devices and we also have version for Android and Mac.


  2. I am a huge word game fan and I recommend these 2 games: Ruzzle and Word Hero. Dare you not to become addicted to both! Thanks for your recommendations…will try these.

  3. As a word app fanatic, I’ll definitely check those recommendations out! 4 pics 1 word is also another word game app that’s creating a real buzz!


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