5 Great Yoga Apps To Get You Stretching

5 Great Yoga Apps To Get You Stretching


5 Great Yoga Apps To Get You Stretching
You work long hours, most of them sitting at a desk. Your back, neck, and shoulders ache. The boss is over your shoulder wondering if that next project is done yet, even though it is not due for another week. All of these things can put stress on your body. Yoga can free you from that. These apps understand that you might be a beginner. They understand that you may have never been to a Yoga class, or that you never could attend one due to your schedule. Best part is these apps don’t care. Do what you can and move at your own pace. Stretching clears your head and frees your body from stress.

1. YogaWorkout – Updated: Mar 03, 2011, Current Version: 1.2, Price: $1.99, Seller: Duane L Fletcher

YogaWorkout.com PRO by LifeApps, LLC - LifeApps LLC

YogaWorkout iphone app review
Open YogaWorkout.com app and you are you are given a list of different flows you would like to do. Each flow consists of easy to difficult poses to give you an entire yoga workout routine. When you tap the pose you are going to do, there is a photograph with very detailed instructions. With this app the possibilities are endless because you can mix and match different poses that are in the database. The app offers everything basic that the website offers. This is handy for those spots where you need to do some yoga to stretch out some tension and you do not have your laptop with you.

2. Yoga with Tania Full Version – Updated: 15 December 2010, Price: $1.99, Developer: Capital Yoga Publishing Corp Yoga with Tania - Capital Yoga Publishing Corp

yoga with tania full version iphone app review
Yoga with Tania, the Full Version includes everything the Lite version has and more. Good riddance to the advertising. Yoga with Tania gives users 50 plus poses (only 10 with the free version) and 3 different sun salutations (only 1 with the free version). It is certainly worth the $1.99 upgrade from the free version to have more jam packed yoga workouts and get rid of the annoying banner ads. This handy app also contains 40 minutes of hip and shoulder sequences, fully guided. Hip sequences are part of Tania’s popular Happy Hips Yoga, which also has its own app. This paid version also gives you the option to listen to your own music and create your own sequences. With benefits and modifications Tania provides yoga for all levels.

3. Prêt-à-Yoga – Released: Dec 30, 2008,Price: 99 cents,Seller: Pret-a LLC Prêt-à-Yoga - Prêt-à LLC

pret-a-yoga iphone app review

Prêt-à-Yoga Full Version offers a substantial amount of information for only 99 cents! How much does your yoga class cost you? Kathleen Kastner is your own personal Guru in this app. With her, there is no need for any other yoga app. Kathleen has a nice low, slow, and relaxing voice. For a yoga workout, the voice really does make all the difference in the world. Can you imagine an aerobics instructor, all hyper, trying to guide you through yoga? We don’t think you would get must stretching or ease of tension done that way. Kathleen guides you through each of her poses giving you all the tools and information necessary to complete the task. The music is calm and beautiful, composed by Cerebral Songs. Prêt-à-Yoga has 4 stages; Pranayama, Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B and the Beginner’s Sequence. The only thing we felt this app was lacking was a description giving users a modification if they needed it.

4. Office Harmony – Updated: Jan 29, 2010, Price: $1.99 , Seller: AIIR Consulting, LLC Office Harmony - AIIR Consulting LLC

office harmony iphone app review

We all have bad days. Boss over your shoulder, co-workers causing drama, deadlines, and issues with the family can all cause work related stress and tension. Take a break. Walk away from the computer. Pull out your iPhone and start this app. You and your mental health deserve a few minutes every day to center yourself, find your OM and move forward. Sitting at a desk all day stressed our body, especially when we have bad posture. No need for a yoga studio, close your office door and close the blinds if you have them. This app gives you different poses to choose from, with instructional videos. 6 of them to be exact. Office Harmony also includes a meditation section with 4 meditation videos complete with the relaxing music you need to let your mind go. Office Harmony has a neat feature of 20 questions which you answer and the app will give you your overall score so you can see where you need to make changes. Each week you are given a new tip for dealing with stress at work.

5. Yoga for Night – Released: Dec 28, 2009, Price: $5.99, Seller: Avatron Publishing Yoga for Night from Yoga Journal - Avatron Publishing

yoga for night iphone app review

Yoga apps for day time or any time, yoga apps for work, and now we have a yoga app for night time. Yoga for Night is from Yoga Journal Magazine. $5.99 might seem like a hefty price tag for an iPhone app, but Yoga Journal is one of the best selling Yoga magazines in print and they were selling all of their apps for $5.99 we figured it must be worth it to dish out the $5.99 for it. However, we found no related alternatives that even compared to this app. This app features a 20 minute long guided video to help you relax and unwind from your day to promote calmness and better sleep



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