5 Excellent iPhone Apps to Manage Your Time and Tasks

5 Excellent iPhone Apps to Manage Your Time and Tasks


A recent report has indicated that by the end of 2014, global population of Smartphone users will cross 3 billion. Some of us might doubt this; however to me, there is a logical estimate on the basis of current trends in the market. Global sale of smartphones in 2011 has been estimated as 472 million, where Apple sold over 90 million and Samsung led the market with selling over 97 million Galaxies. IPhone 4 again remained the hottest selling item with astonishing 37 million sales in 98 days.

Are these devices popular only for glamour? I don’t think so. I feel that they really have something which makes them worthy of praise and that something is their features and applications. I have been a student of management sciences, and have to face lots of tasks in my professional life. I have to manage my job responsibilities along with my business and a personal management blog. Hence, I always strive to find something which could enable me manage my time and tasks in a much better way.

My iPhone has really been very helpful for me in my professional life. Luckily, I found some very useful applications which increased my productivity and reduced the cost of doing things in my life.

2Do: Great Organising App

1. 2Do: Great Organising App 2Do: Tasks Done in Style - Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

As the name shows, this app has been designed to help managers prepare their to-do list and perform the tasks in an organized manner. There are multiple versions of this application. A user can make to-do list with a simple touch and manage his tasks very easily. What makes it enchanting is outlook and graphics facility. However, remember, this is not a free app but its utilities are beyond any doubt.

2. TaskThis: Keep On Top Of Your Priorities Task This - Loic GRIFFIE

Contrary to 2Do, this is a free task management application. This can work on iPhone and iPod touch and provides multiple task management and prioritization facilities. Users can make multiple lists, tasks, due dates, priorities and many more. What makes it more enchanting is its ability to integrate with emails and meetings as it supports web synchronization.

3. SeizeTheDay: Carpe Diem Indeed! SeizeTheDay - To-Do List - Functional Delights LLC

As the name depicts, this free application enables the users to manage their time in an easy manner. Users can make upcoming tasks, complete tasks, to-do tasks, repeating tasks, display of the actual date and deadlines etc.

It also has the utility of sending separate reminders and messages about various tasks. This not only enables the manager to plan better but also improves his performance and execution.

Easy Note iPhone App Review

4. EasyNote: Very Useful Free Organising App Easy Note + To Do - OrangeOrApple.com

This free app allows the users to create the task lists and set priorities. Furthermore, it offers additional utility of folders; hence, users can organize the notes in folders and also check the complete list of the tasks in organized form i.e. to-do, pending and completed tasks. Pictures and graphics can also be added to notes, while, the notes can easily be imported as well as exported using email services. EasyNote can be downloaded from Apple Store directly.

5. Daily Routine: Organise Your Life Daily Routine - Jaysen Marais

This $3 app enables you to create a routine and tasks and live a disciplined life. This is special app for iPhone 4 users.

In short, your iPhone is more than a phone for you if you are lucky enough to find the applications relevant to your field. The creative apps have really helped me as a professional writer, blogger, and a business manager.

Tahir Akbar is a technology & business writer and a young entrepreneur. He writes a blog; ‘Diary of a Chief Executive, on business and life management. Follow him on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/MTahirAkbar.


  1. Nice write up man !

    I frequently fail to use my smartphone efficiently, particularly from corporate perspective. Though, I prefer to use free apps 🙂

  2. 37 million sales in 98 days — Wow, some good sales 🙂
    A very informative and useful article Tahir, managing tasks in important in every professional’s life. Doing that thru smart phones and Ipads can make life easier for many.

    Good work on the article 🙂

  3. @ Lucian, well, most of the apps in the article are also Free 🙂 Yes, smartphones are very handy devices when it comes to time and tasks management. BTW, thanks for your comment and feedback 🙂

    @Nida Shoaib, Yes, smartphone industry really made records last year. Over 470 million devices were sold in 2011, so just imagine 🙂 Thanks for your feedback and liking the article as well !


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