5 Best iPhone Games For Killing Time

5 Best iPhone Games For Killing Time



Tired of waiting in line or stuck at an airport? Can’t bear another excruciating train trip?  We’ve got your back. We looked high and low through the App Store and found the best iPhone apps designed to get you through a long boring wait and have fun while you kill some time.  Easy to play, addictive and most of all, enjoyable! Here are our five best iPhone games for killing time.


Cut The Rope


Image credit: Chillingo Ltd


Cut The Rope is one of those time-killing gems which offer just the kind of mindless fun that help time go by and make waiting more tolerable. The game in unbelievably easy, and with over 400 million downloads around the world, this cute puzzle game has been the cause of countless minutes of lifetime spent cutting away at the swaying rope.

To aim of Cut The Rope is simply to cut the moving rope using your finger to swipe  across the mobile screen at the right moment. You really need to time it well since you win points by dropping the tasty treats at the end of the rope into the tiny alien’s mouth. Cut the Rope has over 300 levels to enjoy and will keep busy as long as you’ve got time on your hands. Collect gold stars, unlock hidden prizes and play bonus levels in this award-winning game.


Temple Run 2


Image credit: Imangi Studios LLC


Hot on the heels of the original Temple Run, comes the second instalment of this addictive and fun game which has taken the world by storm. Temple Run 2 features stunning and improved graphics with new environments to play in and tons of unlock able power ups and bonus achievements. You can choose to play with different characters, each of which features their own special powers and abilities to take through the game.

Run, jump, turn and slide across the ruins of the temple as you try to escape with the cursed idol firmly in your hands. The monkeys following you are the very least of your problems as you have to navigate through dangerous environments such as minefields, forests and cliffs. How far can you run? Temple Run is a true test of your reflexes and determination, and an ideal game to while away the time.


Candy Crush

candy crush

Image credit: Kingsoft

Candy Crush Saga is probably the sweetest game ever and one of the favourite ways people kill their time! This addictive puzzle game is one of the most downloaded games on the App Store that is completely free and takes on a sugary-sweet adventure through level after level of candy crushing goodness.

Candy Crush Saga features well over 400 levels of increasing difficulty, yet the underlying concept is child’s play. Simply tap on the sweets and swipe them around the grid to match those of the same colour and clear the level before moving to the next level. You can compete against friends and take them on in the battle for top place on the Candy Crush leader-board. There are dozens of special items that you can unlock, including boosters and charms that help you crack the toughest levels.


Roulette Mobile


Image credit: App Street


Add a little Vegas excitement to your downtime. Roulette Mobile is the perfect way to relax and find out just how lucky you are with a realistic and ultra-detailed roulette game that mimics the action that goes on in land casinos. Roulette Mobile is an incredibly easy app to use. You can play 20 different bet types and earn thousands of chips that will have you feel like a high roller without having to spend a dime.

Try Roulette Mobile alone or connect with friends online to unlock new titles and achievements. You can take part in an international league and spin your way to the top of the scoreboard. If you’re not used to throwing chips around near roulette tables don’t fret! Roulette Mobile will teach you the ropes and you can join online tables with people of your same skill level before graduating to pro status.
Paper Toss 2


Image credit: Backflip Studios


For the workaholics among you who cannot get enough of the office, this is just the game for you. Paper Toss 2 is the virtual version of the time-honoured way of killing time in real life: taking aim and tossing crumpled papers into the bin.

Paper Toss 2 is the sequel to the well-known original game. This instalment features co-workers to toss stuff at and you can even throw papers at the sleeping boss, perfect for wasting time AND passively aggressively expressing your frustration at another boring day at the office!

The game features new toss able items, including bananas and hand grenades which you can throw at moving targets or office furnishing that explode when hit. Paper Toss 2 features brand new levels and you can even revisit classic ones. Through the Game Centre you can check the leader-board and keep track of the achievements you have unlocked.


Do you have time to kill?

Which are your favourite places to kill time? Let us know below where you feel the need to procrastinate most and what are you favourite way to kill time. Don’t forget to try out these apps. They’re all free to download and free to play, as well as a perfect addition on your iPhone. You never know when you’re going to get stuck behind a line next!


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