5 Best iPhone Apps for Food Lovers

5 Best iPhone Apps for Food Lovers


5 Best iPhone Apps for Food Lovers

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made it so pleasurable to do so.” Voltaire’s wise words still ring true hundreds of years after the French poet muttered them, (probably at a gargantuan, ostentatious dinner party rather than a quick baguette between poems), and over the festive period our lives seem to revolve around eating and drinking with necessary intervals for sleep and more food preparation. Well, iPhoneAppCafe is going to make the joy of eating even more fun by recommending the 5 best iPhone Apps for all of you foodies out there to download and then use to feed your Christmas-sized appetites! From calorie-counting tips in restaurants to the finest recipes from the world’s top chefs, you are about to get a masterclass in the best way to fill your bellies…tuck in!

1. James Martin’s Food Simplicity – App updated Dec 23 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by Stewart Smith James Martin's Food - Simplicity - HD Video Recipes for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch - James Martin's Food

James Martin’s Food - Simplicity

Ok, so you’ve perfected the ultimate tuna pasta bake from your student years, however you’ve got your sights set on a new love interest who happens to be a real foodie and you just don’t think that it’s going to cut it on your first date…so you need some help. Well, you could turn to our old friends the celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver who will talk you through his, “pukka!” recipes in his adorable mockney way, however you are likely to spend more on the actual App than the ingredients and have no cash left over for the necessary gallons of wine. So, check out James Martin’s ‘Food – Simplicity’ App that will take you through you a series of videos showing you the best way to cook all of your favourite meals and offer you quite a few new recipes to kick start your culinary dreams…and it may even help you score as well!

2. Good Food Healthy – App updated Nov 05 2010, Price £1.79, Developed by BBC Worldwide LTD Good Food Healthy Recipes for iPad - BBC Worldwide

Good Food Healthy App Review

Oh, how I wish it were the 50’s, when no one really knew too much about healthy eating, butter was spread on everything, (even chocolate) and everyone thought a calorie was a type of fighter plane. Unfortunately, it’s 2011 and we are bombarded with information telling us exactly how much to eat, when to eat it and, most importantly, what not to eat. Well, to help us all through the agony of deciding whether we want a satisfied stomach or a washboard abs, there is the ‘Good Food Healthy’ App, that presents the iPhone user with over 150 recipes throughout the year to help keep those January promises to your waistline. There really is something here for everyone, from a delightful Chicken Korma to the perfect way to cook a salmon; you can search for recipes by their course or type, (breakfast, lunch, vegetarian starters, mains, etc.), ingredients or even calorie count, if you are feeling particularly health-conscious/masochistic, (delete as appropriate).

3. Fast Food Calorie Counter – App updated Dec 10 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by Concrete Software, Inc. Fast Food Calorie Counter - Concrete Software, Inc.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Look, forget what I just said two seconds ago; no matter what year we are living in everyone will always love a burger on the run, a cheeky slice of pizza before a night on the town, or the obligatory kebab on the way home from a club. So, listen, as long as we are going to carry on doing it, there’s no point in beating ourselves up every single time we take a bite of that delicious, carb-filled plate of nachos, is there? Just download the ‘Fast Food Calorie Counter’ App that will help you keep track of the calorific and nutritional value of your fast food meals, so you know how many vegetables you have to eat after your morning jog in order to balance it out!

4. Veg Out – App updated Dec 10 2010, Price £1.79, Developed by Champ Bennett VegOut - Vegetarian Restaurant Guide - Front-Ended

Veg Out

Until I started going out with a vegetarian, I was amazed at how this strange breed of eaters survived on bowls of wet lettuce and mushrooms and was convinced that they were always just about to keel over from malnutrition…how wrong I was. Vegetarian food can be more flavoursome than carnivorous meals, and as for getting full, just try and eat a whole bowl of tagilitelle to yourself! If you are a veggie iPhone lover then you can combine your two great passions by searching for your nearest vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants and eateries in your area. Utilizing Google Maps, this App will direct you to your next bowl of noodle soup or margarita pizza, with a plethora of restaurants and cafes to rate and recommend.

5. Chinese Food in Minutes – App updated June 07 2010, Price £2.39, Developed By  The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group LTD Chinese Food In Minutes - Adduce for the Peters, Fraser & Dunlop Group

Chinese Food in Minutes

As a veteran of many takeaways, I like to think that I can pride myself on what to order at the Chinese, even if it is only remembering the numbers next to my favourite dishes. However, there comes a point when you want to try and cook food for yourself, giving your creativity and flair a night in the kitchen and your wallet a night off. ‘Chinese Food in Minutes’ gives iPhone users a total masterclass in Chinese cooking from the master, (or mistress?) of Chinese cooking, Ching-He Haung; based on her Five TV series ‘Chinese Food in Minutes’, Huang takes you through step-by-step instructions and accompanying videos that teach you how to make the tastiest, not to mention healthiest Chinese recipes around. The £2.39 price tag may seem a little high, but once you have perfected the definitive spring roll, that’s one less cost for the takeaway menu.


  1. Thanks for sharing such an useful article. These are great apps for food-lovers…will surely try out Fast Food Calorie Counter for keeping my calories under control while I dig into pizzas or a burger.

  2. Thanks for the review of our app! Really pleased you liked it – Have you any thoughts, feedback, ideas etc for the next ‘mini-app’ as we are in the process of editing it now and hope to have it published within a month.



  3. Hi guys, thanks for the feedback on the App reviews, glad that you like them so much! Keep checking iPhoneAppCafe for updates as to the latest food apps and if you have any suggestions for App reviews then please don’t hesitate to suggest them!

  4. Great list.
    I also like the iMustTry Restaurants iPhone app.
    It lets me keep track of restaurant I want to eat at, restaurants recommend by friends.


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