5 Apps to Play on Holiday

5 Apps to Play on Holiday


The great outdoors: a place where we can retreat to during times of adversity and stress. Packing up our bags and setting sail for a luxurious holiday destination, we leave our worries at the door. Making a deal to forget that our phones and tablets exist, we cut ourselves off from the usual grind of daily life. At first it’s great, liberating, easy… then you hear your devices calling.

Holiday activities can often get the better of us. Perhaps you find yourself sitting on the toilet for far too long, playing a casino app for iPhone. Or maybe you simply desire a quiet night in with the family. Our phones and tablets can provide hours of wholesome entertainment – without infringing on your hard-earned vacation.

So here are the top 5 apps to play while on holiday.

Heads Up

1. Heads Up!

From the Ellen DeGeneres show, Heads Up! is guaranteed to get you laughing long into the night. Pick a category, hold the phone to your head, and try to guess who you are with the help from your family and friends. With a plethora of diverse categories available for a reasonable price, intuitive controls, and the ability to play with as many people as you want, it’s fun for the whole family.

2. 7 Sultans Real Money

For when it comes to having a little alone time, 7 Sultans Real Money allows you to get your casino fix at the push of a button. From roulette and blackjack, to poker and slots, the thrills of a casino are right there at your fingertips. With a wide variety of games, a generous welcome bonus and loyalty program, as well as a secure banking system, an online trip to the casino has never been better.

7 Sultans Real Money

3. Geocaching

When you first find out about Geocaching, it almost feels like you’ve stumbled across a secret organization that has been operating in secret for years. The world’s largest treasure hunting community, Geocaching offers a unique experience, perfect for exploring a holiday destination. Let your phone guide you to others’ treasures, leave your own, and take part in your very own adventure.

4. The Room

This BAFTA award-winning game tasks its players to uncover the mysteries of the titular room. Solve puzzles within a beautifully tactile 3D world, as you explore the secrets it holds. Best played on a tablet, this game is the peak of mobile game design. Great solo or teaming up with the family, The Room’s rewarding nature comes at a cheap price, and has also spawned two excellent sequels.

5. Clash Royale

If you often frequent digital storefronts, chances are you’ve heard of Clash Royale. Continuously the highest grossing app on the App Store, this strategic role-playing card battler is guaranteed to burying its claws deep within you. Unlock new cards for your deck, duel people across the globe, and lose all track of time in the process; ideal for a quick pick-up-and-play solo session.



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