The 5 Best Apps to Download for Your Next Cosplay Event

The 5 Best Apps to Download for Your Next Cosplay Event


Whether you’re a dedicated anime fan, an enthusiastic costume designer, or just someone marginally interested in the passion of the cosplay community, you’ll be excited to attend your next cosplay event. Cosplay events, like Youmacon (for which 2019 registration is currently live), often blend elements of various subcultures, including anime, comic books, trading card games, and Japanese pop culture in general, so they’re valuable opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and discover a new hobby or even a new friend.

That said, cosplay events are much more enjoyable when you’re prepared. If you’re getting ready to attend a cosplay event in the near future, it pays to have the right apps downloaded—and the right mentality for the event.

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Apps to Download for Your Next Cosplay Event

These are some of the best apps to have on your mobile device before you attend a cosplay event:

  1. Kayak. Kayak has been one of the top sources for travel deals for many years now, and its mobile device makes it easier to make travel decisions while saving you money at the same time. Through Kayak, you’ll be able to book your flight, book a hotel, get a rental car, and peruse packages for your destination city. If you’re looking to make a full vacation out of the experience, it’s a must-have.
  2. FLIO. While you’re at the airport, FLIO is going to be your best friend. This app aggregates data from airports all over the world, so you can check in at any time and learn more about what’s around you. If you’re managing time during a layover or dealing with a flight delay, FLIO will help you understand if and where WiFi is offered, where the lounges are, and what options you have for eating and/or entertainment.
  3. Snapseed. One of the best parts of any cosplay event is getting to see (and take pictures of) the ornate costumes and accessories created by fans of your favorite pop culture series. But once those pictures are taken, you might be tempted to edit them to perfection, tweaking the lighting, or cropping out unnecessary details. Snapseed is a photo editing app that helps you do that, granting you functionalities like exposure adjustments, cropping, rotation, perspective correction, and of course, dozens of filters to choose from.
  4. VSCO. If Snapseed isn’t working out for you, you could also try VSCO—it’s a competing photo editing app that presents you with a number of preset editing tools and filters, which you can tweak to your liking. It has the potential to replicate the look of classic film, so it’s perfect if you’re trying to make your photos look older, nostalgic, or understated.
  5. GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an app designed to help you pay as little as possible for gasoline, making it an important choice for anyone planning to do significant driving to (or around) the con. With it, you can search your current location or a future location and automatically find the best gas prices, so you can fill up your vehicle strategically, and hopefully save some money along the way. If you’re taking a road trip to your destination or just plan on gallivanting around the city during off hours, it’s an important app to have in your arsenal.  
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Additional Tips

While you’re downloading these apps and preparing for your next cosplay event, there are a few additional tips you should keep in mind. First, plan early and plan thoroughly. In general, the earlier you book, the more options you’ll have and the less money you’ll pay overall. Plus, you’ll want to find out about things like where the event is located, what public transportation options are available, and whether or not there’s onsite parking available.

While you’re at the convention, you’ll want to put those new photography apps to good use, but it’s also important to respect the etiquette of the convention. Always ask permission of the people you plan to photograph, especially if you plan on sharing those photos online. Most conventions list rules, policies, and etiquette for attending, so make sure you review them before you leave.


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