5 Apps That Make Essay Writing Easier

5 Apps That Make Essay Writing Easier


Writing essays is probably not your favorite thing about being a student. Essays can be a daunting task to take on – especially if you don’t feel super knowledgeable about the topic or your editing skills aren’t stellar. Well, have no fear – here’s a list of five apps that can help make essay writing easier for you.

1. iStudiez

Before you get started writing, you’ll need to get organized. This app can help by letting you manage your classes, make an exam schedule, and keep track of your grades. You can also get notifications sent to you when you have upcoming assignments due. iStudiez allows you to map out what you need to get done so you can focus more of your valuable time on writing a killer essay.

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2. Evernote

Evernote is an ideal app if you need to organize your notes before you get started writing. Evernote lets you capture and sort through notes from anywhere (including links, checklists, tables, and attachments). You can even include handwritten notes with the app, so all of your information is searchable and accessible in one place. If you’re working on a group project, you can share your notes with your classmates too.

3. Cliff Notes

If you’re writing an essay for an English or literature class, Cliff Notes can help out by providing you with info on tons of different titles. There’s everything from plot summaries and analysis to character and theme explanations and interactive quizzes. Still need help even after gathering info from Cliff Notes? There are always options to order research papers to help get you that A.

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4. ManuScript

This app lets you create an outline to follow for your essay with lots of research paper options. There are also features for you to edit your document and correctly cite your sources (which can be one of the hardest parts about creating a successful essay). When you’re done, ManuScript will even provide you with an exportable document in several different formats so you can publish your work online if you want.

5. Write or Die

If you’re having some serious motivation problems, you need an app like Write or Die that will keep you on task. Just set some goals, and if you don’t meet them by writing too little or for not enough time, you get a consequence – in the form of non-stop annoying noises or by erasing some of what you’ve already written! Say goodbye to procrastination, and let Write or Die help you accomplish your goals!

You have what it takes to write an amazing essay, but to make the process easier for you, download these five apps to take your writing to the next level!


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