4 Time-Wasting Apps To Get Your Through January

4 Time-Wasting Apps To Get Your Through January



Ah, January. The bleakest of months, no doubt about it. The Christmas rush has come and gone, the lovely food’s all eaten, the decorations are taken down, work has trudged back in to your life again; and guess what, the weather remains the same! Rainy and bleak and cold and grey. At least the days are getting longer again. Marginally. Not that you’ll notice. Anyway, you needs something to get you through this awful period (and if we’re honest, through February as well, though that’s beyond the scope of this article), so here are four of the best time wasting apps guaranteed to waste your January time down to nothing.

1 – Candy Crush

The daddy of them all, sometimes there’s just no beating a straight up honest game of Candy Crush. It’s addictiveness is well-documented and reflected in its blazing success; the game has been downloaded millions upon millions of times and is played by people all over the globe. If you didn’t know, the aim of the game is to match various forms of candy to clear your screen, much like a modern version of Tetris; and if you’re late joining this particular band wagon, I suggest you hop on now.

2 – Quiz Up

Everyone loves a good round of trivia, and if you’re still pining for more Christmas games of Trivial Pursuit, Quiz Up is just the app for you. You match up with players from around the world (or indeed your Facebook friends if you wish) and test your knowledge on an enormous variety of subjects. It’s fast, addictive and satisfying, with the added thrill of playing against real people.

3 – Bejeweled Blitz

Sure, there are online casinos and online bingo rooms (click here for bingo) but chances are if you’re already into those, you won’t need any more time-consuming apps; they’re usually so addictive you’ll be good to go! But if you want something that lands in between a game and a casino room, then you should check out Bejeweled Blitz. The original Bejeweled is already a big hitter as far as smartphone games go, and this update is all the more satisfying for including gambling elements.

4 – Crossy Road

Only released a year or so ago, Crossy Roads quickly made inroads for itself and became very popular very quickly. The goal of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without dying (which happens a lot). The player plays as a small animal, my personal favourite being the koala, and must tap to go forward or swipe the screen in the appropriate direction to move the mascot horizontally. Sound good? It is.


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