The 4 Must-Have Security Apps That Will Keep Your Home Safe

The 4 Must-Have Security Apps That Will Keep Your Home Safe


Sometimes the world can seem like a scary place. With frequent news of home burglaries, it’s likely you’re already on high alert about needing to keep your home protected. Luckily, there are several awesome security apps you can download on your smartphone that can give you some peace of mind.

1. AtHome Camera Surveillance

This easy-to-use app for iOS allows you to have remote monitoring of your home anytime, so you’ll have video surveillance 24/7. Plus, with enhanced night vision you’ll have a clear view of your home even in lower lighting conditions. There’s even a two-way talk option so you can communicate with people (or pets) with the built-in mic and speaker. All of your videos are also stored right to the cloud for secure, encrypted access.

2. Vivint Sky

This app, available for both Android and iOS, works as long as you have an account with Vivint. Once you do, there are tons of benefits, including the ability to control lights and small appliances, program and preset thermostats, lock and unlock doors, and view live video of your home. There are also options for monitoring and setting custom notifications and alerts for the best protection for your home. The best part is that the app is free to use!

3. SimpliSafe Security Systems

You do have to be a customer of Simplisafe to use this app, but there are so many reasons to sign up. This app provides you with a ton of convenience by allowing you to arm and disarm your system from your phone, and it can alert you anytime the system is armed or disarmed by someone. There are also unique features like flood, fire, and carbon monoxide alerts and the ability to monitor access to sensitive areas (like liquor, gun, or medicine cabinets). Additionally, the app provides you with an event log so you can always keep track of who has come and gone from your home and at what times.

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4. LifeShield Interactive

Customers of DirecTV should consider downloading this app to help control their security system. The app gives you remote access from anywhere and lets you arm or disarm your system remotely. There’s even a cool feature where you can set and manage unique access codes, so you can set separate codes for workers, babysitters, etc. and then track their arrival times. You can also check up on your home with still camera shots of any activity happening in the residence. This useful app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

In the 21st century, you should definitely be using technology to keep your home safe. Just download one of these four apps, sign up for a security system, and you’ll have peace of mind all of the time.


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