4 Apps That Will Complete Your 2017

4 Apps That Will Complete Your 2017


We’re almost halfway through 2017, which is a shocking fact in and of itself. Whatever you’ve done with your last six months, we’re betting that your smartphone constituted a big part of it. They’re big, and only getting bigger, as more than two million apps vie for attention and business. So as we stare down the latter six months of ’17, and begin looking ahead to 2018, here’s a rundown of four apps you just might need to complete your year!

1 – Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

The usual approach to Magikarp, one of the world’s most put upon Pokemon, is to evolve it immediately into its significantly more powerful and cooler form, Gyarados. No self-respecting trainer wants to be lumbered with a useless Magikarp for longer than they have to be. Yet the exact opposite is true for Magikarp Jump, an addictive little mini game based on the Pokemon franchise. Here, a Gyarados is utterly useless to you, as only a Magikarp can compete in the game’s jumping contests. Engaging and endearing, this is one of 2017’s most popular and addictive smartphone games.

2 – The Great Courses Plus

Smartphones aren’t just about addictive games, however. There are a huge number of things we can do with out phones, not least of all get seriously informed about a huge range of topics, thanks to apps like The Great Courses Plus. The app features over 8,000 college-level videos and lectures where you have a chance to learn something about anything you want. An useful and self-bettering app which, in the sea of mindless indulgence that is the App Store, comes as a breath of fresh air.

3 – Empower

It has been reported a lot recently that millennials struggle to manage their finances. Whether that’s true or not, it’s true that money can be tough to get to grips with. Empower aims to help you through the labyrinth, becoming a one-stop shop for managing your various accounts, bills and (seemingly inevitable) debt. Empower is great to use if you’re a fan of sites like bettingappsforandroid.com, or have your eBay account linked up to your phone; it’s handy to have your complete range of finances available to you at the touch of a button.

4 – A Normal Lost Phone

An intriguing app that stands somewhere between a game and mystery story, A Normal Lost Phone presents you with the smartphone of Sam, a girl who lived a normal life until she disappeared on her 18th birthday. It’s up to you to sift through Sam’s interface, including messages, pictures, music and calendar, to see if you can discover what happened to her. An involving narrative with an engaging mystery at the centre, A Normal Lost Phone is a step above the usual smartphone fare, and will challenge and thrill you all the way into 2018.


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