Eating Right the Right Way with Fivegreen for iOS and Android

Eating Right the Right Way with Fivegreen for iOS and Android


Fivegreen is a nutrition & wellness tracker and meal planner built to help you beat bad dietary habits by creating healthier ones —  in a way that is both fun and uniquely different from most nutrition tracking apps.

Developed for both iOS and Android, the tracker offers advanced functionality wrapped in a clean, easy-to-use interface. You can track what you’ve eaten (with their easy-logging tech), track other health & wellness behaviors (sleep, meditation, water intake, exercise), get personalized whole food recommendations for what to eat next (based on your dietary deficiencies), and stay motivated to continue eating healthily to earn your reward.

How Can Fivegreen Help Me?

We loved the minimalist, easy-to-use design and the quick-logging technology — build your meal once and anytime you have it again, just tap to log it. I’ve always had a hard time logging everything I’ve had and this app succeeds in making that behavior super easy.

Fivegreen also gives you a full dietary breakdown and makes it easy to see where your diet usually falls short. But it doesn’t stop there — it also gives you tips on how to improve your diet, making it clear which foods are best for you to have next (either alone or in a meal) to balance your diet and get all your nutrients. Follow the tips to get to the “green” zone for five macro- and micronutrient recommendations, get to fivegreen (the app’s way of measuring the quality of your diet), earn XP — and, finally, your cheat meal.  This core idea of eating healthily to then earn your cheat meal (this gets progressively harder as you level up) is one of the best uses of gamification in health, wellness, and nutrition apps that we’ve seen.

The app also offers more advanced functionality via their premium plan: access to their wellness center, which tracks water intake, sleep patterns, mood, and meditation habits as well as detailed daily nutrition report cards and a historical look at all tracked behaviors. Additionally, you’ll unlock the full list of recommended whole foods to include in your next meal, personalized to your daily diet and benchmarked to established standards of healthy nutrition.

Download it on Google Play and the App Store to start breaking bad eating habits and building better ones!

Official Website: Fivegreen

App Store Download Link: Fivegreen

Google Play Download Link: Fivegreen


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