The 4 Apps You Need If You’re Doing A Home Renovation

The 4 Apps You Need If You’re Doing A Home Renovation


Renovating your home can be a stressful undertaking. You want to make sure your projects turn out great (usually while sticking to a reasonable timeframe and budget). It’s important you use all available tools at your disposal, so here’s a look at the four best apps to help you renovate your place.

1. iHandy Carpenter

The renovating process starts off with a whole lot of measuring – which can be overwhelming if you don’t have professional tools on hand. Don’t worry – just download the iHandy Carpenter app for iOS. It comes with five easy-to-use tools: a plumb bob (to verify the verticality of lines or walls), a surface level, a bubble level bar, a steel protractor, and a steel ruler – all of which will make measuring a breeze. With this app on your phone, you won’t have to stress about buying a bunch of tools or carrying them around with you.

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2. iFixit

Planning on doing a lot of the renovating yourself? You’ll need an app with reliable DIY instructions for a variety of projects. Look no further than the iFixit app. It’ll connect you to a wide array of resources to help you complete tasks, so you can learn about anything from fixing battery backup sump pumps to putting up drywall. This app (available for Android and Microsoft devices) has got you covered no matter what project you’re taking on.

3. DIY Tip Genius

This app, brought to you by the folks from The Family Handyman, gives you more than 4,000 tips for DIY projects you’ll need to complete to renovate your home (like painting and woodworking). The DIY Tip Genius app (available for both iOS and Android) is unique because it also provides time-saving shortcuts and budget-friendly tricks to help you save money. There are even sure-fire solutions to common mishaps in case you come across any issues.

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Sometimes you need to leave a few projects to the professionals. No problem – download the app for either Apple or Android devices, and you’ll be connected to top-rated handymen that can assist you. The app lets you do everything right from your phone, including picking a time/date that works for your appointment, tracking the progress of the project, and making your payment.

Don’t let renovating your home turn you into a basketcase! Download these four apps today to help make the renovating process a truly easy one.


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