3asy Money: Easy Like Sunday Morning

3asy Money: Easy Like Sunday Morning



Doing these reviews often puts a particular song in my head. For whatever reason, my brain decides to link the app title immediately to a song. I’m going to play a game. I’ve got a song in my head now for this particular app. You go ahead and get one too. At the end I’ll tell you what I was thinking, and if you’re thinking the same, then congratulations! You win an excellent and slightly obscure taste in music. May it serve you well. Anyway, have you ever had problems with budgeting? I would wager you have. Some people are better than others with it, but almost everyone will have at some point wished they owned a magic monetary tracker. How useful it would be! Well, the guys at NYQuist Industries are here to help you out with their brilliant finance app 3asy Money, out now for iPhone.

Money is tough, money is confusing, and oftentimes money takes on the properties of Houdini in the way it vanishes into thin air at the drop of a magic hat. 3asy Money seeks to simplify your financial woes by providing an easy to navigate, attractive little money-managing gadget that slots into your everyday life. As they say themselves, convenience is the name of the game, and on that note, they really have delivered. What could have been a claustrophobic, OCD-esque piece of nightmare software is instead a fluid, instinctive and responsive virtual friend.

The main interface breaks down into three self-explanatory categories; Spend, Take In and View. Spend and Take In are obvious, while View mode provides you with visual representations of your income and spending habits. A particularly useful little tool is the Budget Summary, a feature which lets you see how much you have to spend during the day, week and month respectively, and how that fits into your overall living expenses for each of those time periods. Again, setting up this budget is a simple process, and the sleek visual representations really do aid proceedings.

It’s a seriously versatile app, capable of planning budgets for your home, work or school life; you can even set up a specific project budget if you want to keep track of funds. There are achievments to be unlocked for the competitively minded, and the app even syncs with your bank account, so you can get crunching some hard numbers straight away. All in all, Nyquist have done the general public a great service here. For those who have serious problems saving, or if you simply want to keep track of one aspect of your finacial life, 3asy Money is a worthy addition to your practical app arsenal. King Crimson, ‘Easy Money’. Consolation points for the song of the same name by Bruce Springsteen. Did the title throw you off?

Get organising your wallet with 3asy Money today at the iPhone AppStore!


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