3 Ways To Maximise Your Fun Playing Mobile Slots

3 Ways To Maximise Your Fun Playing Mobile Slots


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Gambling, if you’re into it, is a hard thing not to enjoy really. The colourful lights, jackpot noises and that unmatchable rush you feel when you win big is pretty hard to top. However, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to turn this unique and thrilling pastime into a repetitive obsession as the flashing lights and whooping noises can quickly lose their charm and you your money. So I’ve devised 3 simple rules to get behind to ensure your gambling sojourns stay fresh, fun and most importantly, exciting.

The first rule of thumb is to shop around and find what app is best suited to you and your tastes. Also try not to play the same games over and over, mix it up a little, there’s a whole world of apps out there with more being developed everyday, until you try them all you won’t know if Pocket Fruity really is the be all and end all or if a classic spin from the Book Of Ra is more your thing. So don’t limit yourself as this could land you and your hobby straight into a rut.

Number deux: only play in short bursts and try and keep it out of your home. I’d say a maximum of 10mins at a time is more than enough to inject a bit of fun into your life and it’ll make the commute to work or wait in the doctor‘s office something to look forward to. Remember, the true essence of hedonism is to get the most out of life and the pursuit of pleasure is the proper aim of human existence.

Last but not least, make sure you set yourself a limit that you’re willing to lose and once you’ve reached it it’s time to turn off and give lady luck a rest for a while. Just remember, quick play games are just that, quick and it can often get quite difficult to keep track of how many rounds you’ve played.

Follow these three, simple but effective rules and you’ll be in for a fun, dynamic and (hopefully) long and prosperous relationship with online gambling. Hit me!!



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