20 Mythical Art Wallpapers For Your iPhone

20 Mythical Art Wallpapers For Your iPhone


Do you ever experiment with your iPhone’s wallpaper? If you have been stuck on the same blank screen since you bought your iPhone, or worse, you’ve been forced by your significant other to plaster on the cheesy picture of you two kissing under the mistletoe last Christmas, it’s time to make a change! Check out our list of 20 mythical art wallpapers for your iPhone, as provided by the fantastic William Fahey of Deathless Art! More full size images are on his site, as well as iPad wallpapers http://www.deathless-art.com/wallpapers.html

Harmonica on the Nile…nice.
Anyone else reminded of Mr. Tumnus?!
These Dionysian dolphins live to squeak another day.
Now that’s something that you don’t see in Covent Garden…
Snow soaked tranquility
The Lord of Light says hello.
Holding the world in your hands comes at a price.
Somewhere in the afterlife Sigmund Freud is preparing a hefty patient’s bill…
A sticky situation.
The final straw.
Heavy weather headed this way.
The land of a thousand pumpkins…
I think I’ve actually seen this hat being worn in Shoreditch.
Avian angels take flight in threes.
Nice catch!
In the drink.

Butterfly eyes.
“Never more, never more!”
Everything Zen.
Snaking the bull by the horns…

For full size images as well as iPad wallpapers please visit the artist website: http://www.deathless-art.com/wallpapers.html



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