100 Best iPhone Apps Ever Part 3 – Games

100 Best iPhone Apps Ever Part 3 – Games


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63. Angry Birds – Developer: Rovio, $0.99 null

Being able to launch a feathered missile into a pig shelter and watching trotters fly as your Angry Bird detonates an atomic egg, all the while on the bus to work is going to take some beating, (no pun intended…honestly). With the app developers Rovio regularly updating the themes with the latest ‘Ham Em’ High’ set of levels featuring pigs in cowboy hats, it would take something pretty special to knock Angry Birds off its perch.

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64. Bejeweled 2 – Developer: PopCap Games Inc., Price: £0.59 null

This game has far more than just Bejeweled Blitz (the game so popular on Facebook), though. With three different modes to choose from, the game will keep you entertained for hours. If you want to wind down after a long day out; the ‘Endless’ mode allows you take as long as you like as you try to find those precious combinations.

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65. Blades of Fury – $4.99, Developer: Gameloft S.A. null

Prove your bravery & establish your own fighting style through epic duels to cast your name among the greatest heroes, and be remembered in history. Alone against the computer or against your friends in multiplayer gaming sessions, experience an explosive and accessible fighting experience thanks to an arcade-style gameplay. Blades of Fury is the ultimate one-on-one fighting game, offering numerous game modes, and a wide array of playable fighters and fighting combinations.

66. Valet Hero: Brings joy back into parking cars null

Working as a valet isn’t that appealing a concept unless it’s in an 5-star hotel and you plan on joyriding the customers’ cars. However, the iPhone manages to put the fun back into the car park as you have to guide coloured cars to their respective bays. What at first is a simple game soon forces you to plan ahead as you have to guide several cars at once without crashing them into each other. Successfully completing levels on this moving puzzle of a game is immensely satisfying, and there are plenty of challenges and unlockables to keep you in the car-park for a long time.

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67. Canabalt – $2.99, Developer: Semi Secret Software, LLC null

Canabalt iphone app review

One of the most addictive and interesting iPhone games is a ‘daring escape’ platform game that has been described as simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Run from giant robots with lasers as they chase you through your city that is currently being destroyed by said robots. Dodge obstacles such as bombs and boxes; the great thing is, every time that you play, it’s different.

68. Chicks – Free, Developer: Triniti Interactive Limited null

Chicks iphone app review

One day, a group of chicks was exploring a meadow when they discovered a mysterious hole in the ground. Being curious and innocent little creatures, they decided to poke their heads in for a look. Little did they know it was a portal to another dimension! Now the chicks have fallen into a strange world of obstacles, deserts, and glaciers, and they need your help to escape! Use the tools at the bottom of the screen to guide these chicks back to the meadow before time runs out and the portal closes!

69. Doodle Jump – $0.99, Developer: Lima Sky null

A platform game of sorts, you tilt your iPhone to move your character as he bounces up on to moving platforms, being careful not to fall off the edge into the abyss; dodge aliens and shoot objects out of your way, acquiring rocket packs and pogo sticks on your way. Share your results on Facebook with the other addicts.

70. Bankshot – Free, Developer: Endloop System Inc.


Bankshot is how I imagine Snooker would be played in the Tron universe. The objective is to flick your puck into the target by bouncing it off the walls anywhere between 1 and 3 times. Due to the fairly limited leeway you have with how many times you can hit the walls, the game requires careful calculation as well as coordination. If you’re looking for something more explosive, there’s also an ‘XL’ Mode which throws in a few extra lives, power-ups and obstacles. It may not be content-heavy but the level of skill involved in actually becoming good at it should hook those up for a challenge.

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71. Sheep Launcher – Developer: Atomic Bullfrog LLC, Price: $0.99null

Sheep Launcher fulfils every boy’s teenage fantasy, (no, no that one, weirdo), and allows you to launch a bleating sheep, pig or frog into the atmosphere, sending them higher and higher the more you tap your screen. On their voyage you can navigate the stratosphere to collect handy items such as helium tanks, rocket packs and flying saucers; if you manage to grab a few stars on the way, then your score will increase.

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72. Tiny Wings- $0.99, Developer: Andreas Illinger null

App developer Andreas Illinger has devised an iPhone game so simple that you could play it with just one finger, thumb, toe or any other protruding part of your body, if you were so inclined; all you have to do is touch the screen when the ‘Tiny Wings’ bird is travelling downhill to gather momentum and release it just before you begin going uphill in order to allow your bird to realize its dream of flying, despite its, uh, Tiny Wings. As you hop from island to island completing such challenges as collecting points and touching the clouds, you can collect sun tokens and boosters that speed the bird on its way, which is useful as the game revolves around a battle against the setting sun; once nightfall arrives, it’s Game Over.

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73. Jet Ball- $1.99, Developer: Alexander Oreshko null

Jet Ball is a glorified version of the classic block-busting game Breakout, Alleyway, Arkanoid, call it what you will. If this means nothing to you, you’re a metal bar and need to bounce a ball off your body and direct it at the coloured blocks on the screen. Jet Ball is the most spectacular take on this kind of game I’ve played. There are so many explosions, spinning blocks and power-ups that it can get a bit disorienting, but I enjoyed every chaotic moment of it.

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74. Droplitz Delight – $0.99, Developer: RealNetworks, Inc.null

Droplitz Delight ‘revolves’ around you. Think strategically and work quickly. Don’t let your paths drip dry. Spin dials to form paths from the top to the bottom. Make multiple paths to increase your score and help the Droplitz multiply. Master Chain Reactions for massive scores. Never give up, never surrender! Visit six colorful worlds in five brilliant modes. Set the Droplitz free in progressively harder levels with Target Quest. Jump in and challenge the original game play in Classic Mode. Play to your heart’s content in Free Play. Beginners can find solace with single dropper levels, a quick tutorial and even hint buttons during gameplay, while experts can enjoy the challenge of Experienced and Insane levels. With more than 40 dripping levels, trophies and competitive high score tables, Droplitz Delight will have you endlessly captivated!

75. eBoy FixPix – $0.99, Developer: delicious toys null

Puzzling pixel worlds gone crazy! Tilt your iPhone to explore eBoy’s mind-boggling art and find the right angle to solve the puzzle. There are 100 hand-crafted levels in this game with slow increasing difficulty. Lots of them have a 3D effect, others are layered compositions or sliced madness. Playing the game is addictive and couldn’t be simpler. The challenge is finding the hints that lead to the solution. eBoy’s images look crisper than ever before on the iPhone’s great screen and it works great in zoomed mode on the iPad.

76. Flick Fishing – $0.99, Developer: Freeverse, Inc.null

Flick Fishing iphone app review

Fully animated “living” environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available! Cast the line with a just a flick of your wrist. With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you’ll hook a fish — now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and won’t be hauled in easily! With 7 fishing locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments and dozens of unique species of fish, Flick Fishing is an unrivaled fishing simulation, and just plain fun. Includes the ability to play against your friends with Network and Hotseat play! Show off your latest catch via email using the “Brag” feature.

77. Topple – Free, Developer: ngmoco, Inc. null

If Tetris blocks had strange leering faces, and the game was about building up the blocks rather than eliminating them, you’d get Topple. Topple has a relaxed, low-gravity feel about it and your block-tower is sensitive to tilting your iPhone. While the game starts off chilled, it increases in tension as your tower grows taller and less stable. There’s a standard level-unlocking mode, free play and a brand new ‘Space’ mode which doesn’t impose a time limit on you. You can’t ask for much more from a free game.

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78. Kick Flick Football HD 2010 – £0.99, Developed by Kevin Ng null

The beauty of Kick Flick Football is that while it’s simple enough to kick a ball by swiping it with your finger, it takes time to become a master of the art. The trajectory of your shot is affected by which part of the ball you kick, how hard you swipe at it, and how you curl it just after the kick. The sensitivity of the ball to these variables makes Kick Flick a deceptively technical game that’s as close as flicking your finger could possibly get you to taking a real free kick.

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79. Flight Control – $0.99, Developer: Firemint Pty Ltd null

The objective of the game is to safely land as many aircraft on the tarmac as possible and avoid any mid-air collisions; aeroplanes, bi-planes and helicopters all must be landed on their allocated runway and you will get typically British phrases to congratulate you as they land, (“Bravo!” “Splendid!”). The elevator musak that plays in the background will calm your nerves as more planes arrive and you have to navigate them around each other, listening out for the warning beeps that signify an oncoming crash. There are different airstrips to try out and once you have completed a high score to be proud of, you can submit it to the game’s leaderboard.

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80. Football Manager Handheld – $9.99, Developer: Sega America null

FM Handheld allows you to manage any league club from 11 different countries. After picking your club, you’re presented with a simple-but-effective menu screen from which you can modify tactics, training, squad selection etc. The database is surprisingly large, and I rarely felt restricted in my search for new players or staff.

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81. Glass Tower 2 – Free, Developer: Alexander Duhovny null

Glass Tower 2 is a game with physical collisions and gravity simulation. Gameplay seems to be easy at first; the tower is constructed of blocks, which are different in size, shape and colour. Your aim is to break all blue blocks and to save as many red blocks as possible. Blue blocks add a score and its amount depends on the size of the block. Red blocks subtract your score the same way; also, every broken red block subtract one “life”. Black blocks are indestructible and unmovable. Give it a go!

82. Alpine Crawler Desert – Dimension Technics Kft., Free null

Experience the Wild Wild West and race through six treacherous levels. You will have two different cars and must safely navigate through the terrain while avoiding all the hills, bumps and sharp drops along the way. A real time physics engine realistically mimics the movements and damages your car, so be extra careful or it’s back to the starting line.

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83. NinJump – Free, Developer: Backflip Studios null

NinJump pulls off the impressive feat of being incredibly simple as well as stylish. You control a Ninja running up a gap between two buildings and have to avoid various obstacles by spin-jumping between the walls. If you hit a ninja star, squirrel or bird during your jump, you get power-ups that temporarily accelerate your skyward journey. If you get hit while on the wall, you die instantly and the game starts again… and you’ll start again with it, because it’s just so damn moreish.

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84. Paper Toss – Free, Developer: Backflip Studios null

Some people may think of Paper Toss as a bit ’2008′ but the fact that the developers are still releasing new levels for it now in 2010 is a testament to its appeal. The premise is that you throw waste paper into a bin, with a randomly-powered fan affecting its trajectory. Paper Toss includes several levels and Global Scoreboards, but it’s the simple, finger-swiping gameplay that makes this an all-time free classic.

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85. Plants vs. Zombies – Developer: PopCap Games, Inc., Price: £1.79 null

Plants vs. Zombies is a light-hearted look at the idea of people coming back from the dead with a chip on their shoulder. It is not a game that should be taken too seriously and even if you didn’t like it, the basic idea will raise a smile on many iPhone owners’ faces. By planting sunflowers in your garden, you will eventually collect enough sunlight to grow an impressive shrubbery. As well as its visual beauty, those flowers will come in handy once the zombies attack. But fortunately, the plants are not quite what they seem. They possess the ability to shoot, trap and eliminate the zombies one-by-one, meaning that the more care you take over your garden, the more likely you are to survive the invasion.

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86. Cut the Rope – Developed by Chillingo, £0.59, null

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game that involves feeding a piece of candy to a monster called Om Nom. However, the candy is suspended from ropes and to get them to reach Om Nom you must cut them in the right order. In each level there are also optional stars to collect that unlock further levels and generally give a sense of closure to the levels. All it takes is for you to make one simple mistake, and poor Om Nom won’t get his candy.

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87. Hungry Shark – Developer: Future Games of London, Price: Free null

This vicious yet amusing app puts the player in control of a shark that clearly hasn’t eaten in a while. It is your job to keep your ravenous predator alive, and the only way to do this is by munching anything in your path. Innocent fish floating past or people minding their own business are on the menu. The more your shark eats, the bigger and stronger he gets. Just watch out for the hunters who aim to end your lunchtime in the most brutal of ways – only they can stop your dominance of the ocean.

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88. Pocket God – $0.99, Developer: Bolt Creative null

pocket god iphone app review

What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. On a remote island, you are the all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders. You can bring new life, and then take it away just as quickly. Exercise your powers on the islanders. Lift them in the air, alter gravity, hit them with lightning…you’re the island god! All god powers are demonstrated in Pocket God’s help menu.

89. Stick Golf – $0.99, Developer: Jordan Schidlowskynull

It may just be us, but we find mastering this particular game intensely satisfying. Unlike many of the games on offer for the iPhone, with this one there is no time limit or ADD interface; no mad graphics or split-second pitfalls. Like real golf, it’s a case of teeing up the shot, taking a deep breath, adjusting for wind, and aiming just right. The underrated side scrolling time waster is like a cross between Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Worms 2. You aim with an arrow and charge up the shot. Simple but beautiful!

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90. Zombie Farm – Price Free, Developed by The Playforge, LLCnull

Farmville is for sissies. Zombies rule the world. In this free app you can log in to the game centre with your Facebook account and share your Zombie farm. Plan Zombies, flowers, and garden vegetable. And grave markers to mark your spot. Fight the farmer, win money, loot, or even a brain! The more friends you have join you on Zombie Farm, the more daily log in coins you will get.

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91. Pix’n Love Rush – $0.99, Developer: BULKYPIX null

Move, jump and shoot! Sounds easy? Well it is at first… but wait and play! All you love in classic Jump & Run games stuffed into 5 minute sessions where your heartbeat will not resist the Rush!

92. Guitar Hero – $2.99, Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc. null

Personally, we’re not big fans of the Guitar Hero console games. They seem to lack the satisfying nature of actually conquering a mean riff or rippin’ a solo in real life. So we were more surprised than ever when we test drove a copy of the iPhone Guitar Hero app. From the off it feels much more satisfying, truly taking into account the delicate and dexterous nature of handling a real instrument. What’s more, it utilizes enough notes per riff to make it feel like you’re actually playing what you hear. Easily one of the most addictive games to just pick up and play on the iPhone!

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93. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 – By Konami, £4.99 null

The gameplay in Pro Evo is decent, and most importantly it runs at a good pace. A little shocking at first is the fact that the controls consist only of a d-pad and an A and B button. There is some variety with what you can do with these 2 buttons – double-tap B for a through ball, hold it down for a long ball etc. – but it does feel very basic. Also, computer-controlled players are prone to AI blackouts as sometimes they run off in a random direction or stop moving altogether. For all these niggles though, Pro Evo is fast-paced and playable.

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94. Gun Bros – Free, Developer: Glu Games Inc null

Gun Bros is a simple top-down shooter in which you fend off waves of robot/alien creatures on various different planets. What’s most impressive about this game is the sheer amount of content you can unlock. As you earn money by gunning down wave upon wave of baddies, you can spend it on guns, outfits and power-ups to make you a more effective killing machine. You can even make your character available for others to use online, allowing you to gain XP even when you’re not playing. It’s hard to tell why Gun Bros is free and what the developers gain from constantly releasing new weapons and levels for it, but I’m sure no one’s complaining.

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95. Unblock Me FREE – Free, Developer: Kirakorn Chimkool null

Unblock Me FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me FREE comes with 400 puzzles pack in the Beginner level. Plus 200 unique puzzles in Intermediate and Advanced level worth hours of playing to keep you challenged.

96. iCopter – Free, Developer: lawlmart null

This is easily the most love-it-or-hate-it game on the list. To the aficionado, iCopter is insanely, outrageously, inexplicably addictive. To the cynic? Mind-numbing. You simply control a side-scrolling helicopter, which travels through a tunnel from left to right, and retain stability by constantly tapping on the screen. Occasionally a floating object appears in front of you, which you must avoid. That’s it. Just try it, we dare you. It’s like the heroin of the gaming world.

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97. Streets of Rage – SEGA, Price £1.79 null

The game play is fantastic, with the helpful option of shrinking the screen, so as not to obscure your view of the action with your lightening-quick thumbs, and, just like the original, it is nearly impossible to complete! Each level ends with a ‘boss’ to eliminate and they get progressively harder as the game goes on. The real fun lies in selecting your character each time you start a new game, seeing as each of them has different pros and cons that make the same levels seem different.

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98. Stick Cricket -Developer: StickSports Ltd, Price: £1.79 in-game upgrade null

The game lets you play a team of batsman as they attempt to outfox a series of different bowler types – from pure speed-demons, to spinners and swingers. Users are given a simple choice: swing your bat left or right. After that it’s all down to impeccable timing. The controls make the game simple and addictive – just like the online version. There are three gameplay modes: World Domination, All Star Slog and Two Player. World Domination lets you play as England against a series of progressively tougher opposition. All-in-all, this game is really more of a “six” than a five star. It’s a faithful representation of the online game –simple, addictive, and fiendishly difficult.

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99. Veggie Samurai – Developer: QuantumSquid Interactive, Inc., Price: $0.99 null

Veggie Samurai was created by QuantumSquid Interactive and is their in-your-face response to the popular Fruit Ninja game. This game brings a good deal of excitement to the table and fans of Fruit Ninja will be re-sharpening their blades as this game is bigger, badder and more deadly than ever. The graphics are fantastic. The details of the sliced vegetables background and blood were a joy to see. The realistic cutting sounds and Japanese-style music fit the mood of this game perfectly.

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100. SimCity Deluxe – Produced by ElectronicArtsBV, £1.79 null

SimCity will always be a classic game in which you can play virtual God with your very own plot of land. The typical gameplay involves creating the city limits, establishing roads, power stations, water, residential, commercial and industrial areas, fire stations, universities and all you need to create a simulated haven. Once you’ve built a happy, content, mini-society standard procedure is too destroy it all by releasing one of many disasters onto your unsuspecting populace. Aliens, tornados, fires; there are plenty of creative ways of feeding our apparent God-complex.

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