10 Most Addictive iPad Game Apps Ever Made

10 Most Addictive iPad Game Apps Ever Made


10 Most Addictive iPad Game Apps Ever Made
The more time that we spend on our iPads, the more that we come detached from reality; however, with the current recession, bitter wars and natural disasters that seem to be occurring on a daily basis, this might not be such a bad thing. If you want to stay glued to your iPad’s screen then check out our 10 most addictive iPad game apps ever made!

1. Falling Fred – Free,Updated: Jun 01, 2011,Seller: Dedalord S.R.L. Falling Fred - Dedalord S.R.L.

This app is a fairly ridiculous but incredibly addictive little game, which involves you controlling the central character (Fred) as he falls towards imminent death at the jaws of a giant mince-meater. More and more obstacles get in your way to attempt to dismember Fred and you are awarded points for how ‘intact’ Fred is at the end of his fall.

Pros: It’s comically gory which is pretty cool and the new obstacles that get in your way keeps it from coming repetitive.

Cons: You have to pay $0.99 for more playing characters; however, they do come with cool names, ‘Ogama Ben Ladder, M.Gandalfi or Emotika Diva’!

2. Rage – $0.99, Updated: Dec 18, 2010, Seller: id Software RAGE HD - id Software

This is a particularly harrowing first person shooter, that you will not be able to put down, as long as you can put up with the all of the mutant blood that you shed on your mission to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland redolent of the I Am Legend movie.

Pros: The HD version looks really sharp on the iPad’s large screen, much better than on the iPhone’s. The Mutant Bash TV challenges and the ability to repeat levels to beat your top score will keep you coming back for more, plus you can change the difficulty settings for a tougher challenge or an easy ride. Also, the fact that this is just a demo and the real version is coming in September 2011 means that there’s lot more in store for us!

Cons: It is fairly short at only three levels, however this will be expanded on in the real version; hopefully you will also be able to get more than just three weapons too, as this can get a little tedious.

3. Mirror’s Edge – $9.99, Updated:Dec 10, 2010 ,Seller: Electronic Arts Inc. Mirror's Edge™ for iPad - Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.

This one is a must for all platform game lovers! You become Faith Connors, who is an underground ‘Runner’, who does exactly what her job title suggests! Guide her as she jumps over rooftops, climbs ramps and battles her enemies in viscous hand-to-hand combat to stop the bad guys who are threatening to destroy her ‘perfect society’!

Pros: If you like Canabalt, you’ll love this game. Very smooth game play and the visuals are particularly impressive. Nice pro-freedom concept too.

Cons: The actual model of Faith is actually not that pleasing to the eye – I’m not being sexist, but a prettier face would be a little more pleasant! Other than that, great game!

4. Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 – $0.99, Updated: Sep 13, 2010, Seller: Digital Chocolate, Inc. Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 - Digital Chocolate, Inc.

This is essentially Angry Birds set in a colder climate; this is not a negative point, seeing as Angry Birds is amazing! You can play in Campaign Mode where you have 200 penguins in your arsenal to launch into enemy bears who are taking over your patches, scoring points for knocking them out! Strategy Mode sees you take on the army of bears for domination of their territory, with cool power-ups and secret accelerator moves to give you the upper hand/flipper.

Pros: You can get a free version for you to test out to see if you want to upgrade to the proper game, which is always a bonus. You also get to take out any pent up frustrations you have by smashing the life out of cute bears…if that’s your thing.
Very addictive, due to its bright graphics and easy-to-master controls. There is fun music and it’s challenging enough to keep you coming back time and time again.

Cons: Other than the similarity to another flying birds game, there’s not a lot to complain about!

5. COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT – $4.99, Updated: May 03, 2011, Seller: Electronic Arts Inc. COMMAND & CONQUER™ RED ALERT™ for iPad - Electronic Arts

For any fans of the ‘C & C’ PC game way back in the 90’s, this game is an absolute necessity; you command your battalions as you fight enemy soldiers, with a wide array of armoured vehicles and foot soldiers to wage war on the opposition.

Pros: The visual game play is absolutely awesome, with huge explosions and dazzling sound effects. The different levels keep the game fresh and the constant exploration for new territory means that you never get bored. You can also play online and fight friends or enemies via local WiFi and Bluetooth Multiplayer.

Cons: There have been quite a few reports of the game crashing on the iPad, or the screen just turning red or yellow; this would be pretty annoying, especially if you are just about to conquer Russia.

6. Angry Birds – $2.99, Updated Dec 23, 2010, Developed by Clickgamer Technologies Ltd Angry Birds Rio HD - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

Always worth a mention, Angry Birds is one of the most addictive iPad apps on the market. Essentially, a group of thieving pigs has stolen the birds’ eggs, making them, understandably, pretty pissed off. They want them back, but apparently the only way to do this is to use them selves as kamikaze pilots who smash down the pigs’ defenses and ultimately destroy the pigs. The mercenary birds come in indifferent shapes and sizes, (or breeds), and they all have different talents. Some lay explosive eggs, others can boomerang round a target and the little blue ones, weirdly, can split into three separate smaller birds.

Pros: The game play is so engaging due to its vibrant graphics and hilarious sound effects; pick your favourite bird tweet and send them into the heavens! Plus, there are more updates than you can shake a claw at.

Cons: Once you’re hooked, you will get no work done.

7. Flight Control HD – $4.99, Updated: Nov 24, 2010, Seller: Firemint Pty Ltd Flight Control HD - Firemint Pty Ltd

This iPhone classic has been carefully re-mastered for the iPad in HD formatting, with new graphics and maps, as well as being able to play a cool ‘versus’ mode where you play a split screen game with your friend to see who can get the highest score. Control an airfield as various aircrafts attempt to touch down on your runway and avoid mid-air collisions!

Pros: This really is addictive and such is the nature of the game that you can play it anywhere, listening to music or crowd noises on the bus etc, seeing as it so easy to control, but challenging to master.

Cons: At 5 bucks, it’s pretty expensive for what you actually get; oh well, at least your salary will be high as an air traffic contro…oh yeah. It’s not real.

8. Final Fantasy – $8.99, Updated: Mar 10, 2011, Seller: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY III for iPad - SQUARE ENIX Co., LTD.

One of the most popular video games around since its initial release in Japan in the late 80’s, Final Fantasy has brought joy to the hearts of millions of gamers. Now that pleasure can be experienced on the iPad, with the brilliant and intricate story of the Warriors of Light go about their quest to restore the crystals to their past glory…you know the plot.

Pros: It’s just so cool. The innovative and recognisable manga-style characters are as sharp as ever on the iPad’s screen and you are guaranteed to get lost in the Final Fantasy world. Plus, the latest version also contains the bonus dungeons added to later editions of the game, the Soul of Chaos and the Labyrinth of Time.

Cons: I really can’t think of any…oh, someone on the App Store was complaining about not being able to flip the screen…get over it, this game rocks!

9. Monkey Flight – $0.99, Updated: Sep 25, 2010, Seller: Swedish Game Development AB Monkey Flight - Donut Games

This is another fairly silly game, but no less addictive than some of the more ‘intellectual’ games for the iPad. Send your monkeys flying through the air as you aim to grab as much fruit as possible, using clouds and elephants to get more height as they sail over the jungle!

Pros: The calypso music provides a really enjoyable soundtrack to what is such a simple, yet fulfilling game. Jungle catapulting has never been so much fun!

Cons: All the monkey flinging can get a little tiresome, although the 40 different challenges keep it from getting too boring. Also, it used to be free, so some of your friends may have saved a dollar in getting it before you…

10. Plants vs. Zombies – $2.99, Updated: Mar 24, 2011, Seller: PopCap Plants vs. Zombies HD - PopCap

A novel idea for an iPad game, this app has already won more than 20 Game of the Year awards from various websites and magazines. Essentially, you have to control your army of plants who would fit more in with The Day of the Triffids than at a gardening show; they fire all sorts of missiles, from peas to cherry bombs in an attempt to prevent the undead stomping all over your field!

Pros: There are 50 levels for you to complete, so you can be pretty sure that you won’t be getting bored any time soon; also, as you progress through the levels your enemies become more varied, harder and downright weird!

Cons: The updates can be a bit half-hearted, as the developers sometimes keep certain levels and features back from the iPad version that are on the iPhone..a bit annoying.



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