10 iPhone Apps To Use In A Zombie Apocalypse

10 iPhone Apps To Use In A Zombie Apocalypse


Apps To Use In A Zombie Apocalypse
The world has turned into everyone’s worst nightmare. A zombie apocalypse has occurred causing worldwide panic to strike every nation. People are going missing as the zombie population increases. There is no source of help and you don’t know what to do. You’re fighting for your life. However, don’t worry! You still have your iPhone and iPad and as long as you still have an Internet connection, you will be fine! Here are 10 apps you can use to help you survive if ever a zombie apocalypse happens to occur.

Flashlight iPhone App Review

1. Flashlight (Free)  Flashlight. - John Haney Software

After a zombie apocalypse, everyone’s second worst nightmare is in entering a dark and cold abandoned house with zombies roaming about. The floor is creaking and you can hardly see what is about to jump out in front of you. Do not fear, as with this trustworthy and free app for the iPhone and iPad! With this app you can turn your iPhone/iPad into a flashlight so you can see exactly what is just about to jump out at you. That is, if you want to see what is about to jump at you…

2. First Aid (Free) First Aid - Contradictory

The chances are that you will have to run away from zombies and just like in all movies, you will fall on a twig that may cut you. This is never good in a zombie apocalypse, as if that cut gets infected, you might die from causes other than zombies! There are a lot of free First Aid apps for both devices, which will help you stay healthy at a time where your health needs to be at its peak.

Maps iPhone App Review

3. Maps (Free)  Maps+ - IZE, Ltd.

One of the most handy apps for a zombie apocalypse, you will be able to track down nearby stores for supplies to help you survive. Knowing your whereabouts at a time where zombies are lurking the streets is crucial to your survival. With this app, you can prearrange rendezvous places through bookmaking the destination. A bird’s eye view of your surroundings is exactly what you need.

Find my Friends iPhone App review

4. Find My Friends (Free) Find My Friends - Apple

One of the questions you will be wondering when you have been split from relatives is, where are they? With the use of Find My Friends by Apple, you can find the exact location of anyone you know with an iPhone or iPad too. This is the perfect app to find exactly where your family are and if they are far away, track their movement on a daily basis.

5. Weather (Free) The Weather Channel® - The Weather Channel Interactive

If you have found yourself in the situation where you are moving by foot and have a lack of shelter, this is the perfect app. By analysing the weather over the next few days, you can see whether (if you will pardon the pun), you should find shelter to keep yourself out of a storm or carrying on by moving on foot. This will help you to plan your way forward during this difficult time for you.

6. FuelFinder (Free) Fuel Finder Free - Super Art Software

If you are lucky enough to get a vehicle to drive, you will find yourself searching for fuel and treat it as one of the most precious resources to you and your survival. With a car in a zombie apocalypse, you can safely say you are in a good position. A car without fuel is a different question! Regardless of the prices of the petrol (because you won’t be paying for it!), FuelFinder enables you to find all the gas stations around you keeping your vehicle filled to the brim at all times.

7. Zombie? (Free)  Zombie? - Critical Hit Software, LLC

You have unfortunately come into contact with a zombie and you don’t know what to do. You try to use all you can with the First Aid app above but all is no use; you don’t know if you have been hit enough to turn into a zombie or not. Hopefully, this app will tell you the answer. A specially formatted quiz (it’s not really) to help identify between a normal human being and zombie, you will be able to determine whether you are in danger of hurting others and turning into a zombie or others turning into a zombie and hurting you.

8. Angry Birds ($0.99) Angry Birds - Clickgamer.com

After battling with zombies all day long, sometimes you will want to just put your feet up and relax a little. A game that takes weeks if not months to complete, Angry Birds will keep you entertained all for just 99 cents. It’s the best value for money…if you are in a zombie apocalypse, that is…

9. Twitter (Free) + Facebook (Free) Twitter - Twitter, Inc.

Nowadays, there’s no one I know that doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook. This makes them both the perfect tools for reunions, news and information during the zombie apocalypse. From looking at trends to seeing what people have been taking pictures of, you will get the latest updates about the world disaster.

10. FaceTime

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is no doubt difficult by itself; Will Smith proved this in the film, ‘I Am Legend’. However, seeing that the iPhone and iPad can do pretty much every day-to-day task for people, it begs the question whether it can actually help you survive zombies? That’s an interesting thought. Attempting to FaceTime with a zombie…what would it do? Eat the iPhone’s screen?!

You can find more fun iPhone apps here: 10 Funniest iPhone Apps Ever and please share this article with any friends that might find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!


  1. Shoot that iphone gone get you killed, sucky battery life, shit ton of problems, also any app that uses a network connection aint gonna help. The whole grid will be out, if you want a fightin chnace grab a backpack fill it with food and water, ammo and batteries, grab a gun, few knives get a ham radio. Try not to make noise, scavenge as much as you can, use an truck or suv (id steal my neighbors gasser, my diesel is too damn loud)


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