10 Best VR, Augmented Reality Apps and Games On Android

10 Best VR, Augmented Reality Apps and Games On Android


At last, the exciting future that the Sci-Fi books have teased us with is finally here. The new technology has grasped how to control Virtual and Augmented reality to its finest. Now, these tech concepts are not only revolutionizing fields like education, healthcare, travel or retail, but they have also opened for us exciting realms of entertainment.  Discover with us the 10 best VR and augmented reality apps and games on Android.


  • Pokémon GO



You must have heard of this over huge overnight success by now, but our list couldn’t have been complete without its presence here. So, let us make it up to you by delivering the latest news.

Pokémon GO, which uses your GPS and augmented reality to upgrade the nearest map with its beloved characters, is always on the look for new engaging updates for the user experience. So, be prepared to double your fun by being able to train six Pokemons in a single friendly gym. The Niantic Company also has extra types of bonuses in store for you to improve the gameplay, and be ready to use Incentives to lure out your favorite Pokemons. Don’t forget about the PokeLoke that will search throughout the world for your favorite breed.


  • YouTube



When you want to experience the full potential of VR with your friends, you call out YouTube. The guys here understood how awesome this new technology is, and they were among the first company to unleash the next level of entertainment.

So, open the application on your Android phone, and type in the word “VR.” There will be all sorts of videos unraveling before you, from wildlife to music videos. P.S., YouTube has already started to experiment with Microsoft’s holographic headset, Hololens, so stay tuned for more exciting news in the Android entertainment field.


  • Inkhunter


inkhunter-best-ar-android-appIn the mood for exhibiting your feelings directly on your skin? Inkhunter can help you with that by using augmented reality.

This extremely useful Android app uses your phone camera to read the reality and project tattoos on your skin. These will look exactly like they have been already inked on your body. So, if you have second thoughts on how a design might look on you, you can download Inkhunter. You have a large array of tattoos to try on yourself, or you can upload your own designs.


  • WallaMe


wallame-best-ar-android-appYour wall from social media channels will move from online to real world thanks to WallaMe. This witty app uses augmented reality through your camera to imprint on any wall the message you want to hide.

Only other WallaMe users can discover your secrets so do invite all your friends to join you. Once your friends are at the location of your hidden message, they can see it through their cameras. The app gives you beautiful stickers to play with, and you are also free to doodle your own images and text. Now, the public places are the new keepers of your privacy.


  • Titans of Space


titans-of-space-best-vr-android-appUse the power of VR to immerse yourself in the wonders of outer space. Titans of Space will welcome you to a tour of some of the main planets from the Milky Way right from the comfort of your own room. You can get to compare the different sizes of planets, and you can purchase 50 minutes of voice narrative that will play as your charismatic guide. It will be easier to tell all about our solar system since you practically visited it.


  • InCell VR


incell-best-vr-android-gameYou can find the perfect mix between action and educational material within the InCell VR Android game. The micro world that pulses with life in a human cell now takes a bigger size so that we can explore its marvelous places. You can ride with capillaries and collect proteins to become stronger. The game works just fine without a VR set, but this will damage the experience very noticeably.


  • Google Translate


google-translate-best-ar-android-app-1You can now stop feeling lost in translation thanks to the new feature of Android Google Translate. The international company made a clever move and incorporated an augmented reality option within its timeless application. Governments all over the world including the Canadian government want us to travel more and experience new and different cultures – now this app can help make that much easier!

If you let the app take over your mobile camera when you are in need, Google Translate will decipher the text you don’t understand in real time. This means that the cultural boundaries have just diminished even more. Now, when you are in a foreign country, you don’t have to type the entire new information on your phone. You’ve already got your US waiver information, so just snap a picture of what you want to translate through this app, and you’ll understand better the world around you. Now, you don’t have to enter a sushi restaurant instead of a pizza bar anymore.


  • Stitchers


stitchers-best-vr-android-gameNow you are one step closer to experiencing your favorite TV show trough VR technologies. However, instead of full episodes, you can enter the Stitchers universe and solve the mysteries that usually your favorite characters confront with on a daily.

With Stitchers Android App you get to enter the minds of deceased victims and use their memories to investigate high-profile crimes on your own.  The game resorts to your logic and sense of observation to solve the unsolvable crimes by yourself.


  • DroidShooting



One of the most popular Android games that use augmented reality is DroidShooting. This app uses a shoot-em-up gameplay to change any boring environment into an exciting playfield. You will have to deal with continuous waves of bots that are coming to get you from every possible direction.

This app turns your phone camera into a viewfinder for the battlefield. To avoid vertigo dizziness, you can let a displayed radar tell you where the enemies are coming from. All you have to do is shoot the droids by tapping the screen and you are in for lots of fun.


  • Car Finder AR


car-finder-best-ar-android-appThis application shows us how technology can save the day. If you are a car owner, then there are high chances that you lost your car on many occasions. If not, one such experience might await you around the corner. No matter which is it, the Car Finder will help you save precious moments that you would otherwise waste on exploring large parking lots.

This Android app uses augmented reality, 3D Google Maps and radar to keep track of your car. Once the lost of your vehicle becomes unavoidable, Car Finder AR will mark its location on the map, while calculating the distance you are from it and pinpointing the right direction to get to it. If only they would create another such tracking app for our keys too.

So, this is where our list with 10 best VR and augmented reality apps and games for Android ends. Now, you are fully prepared to unlock the potential of the latest technology right on your Android device.

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