10 Best iPhone Apps for Business

10 Best iPhone Apps for Business


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At iPhoneAppCafe we have been asking for a while what are the best iPhone Apps for business?  Which are the Apps that any businessperson shouldn’t be caught without?  With so many to choose from, how do we separate the flash from the shameless cash-in, and source the Apps that really do make our daily work easier and more effective?  It hasn’t been an easy task, but after searching all major platforms, reviews, and user feedback, we sifted out the 10 best Apps that any businessperson can benefit from.  If you feel there is a missing App that should definitely be on this list then your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let us know via comment at the end of this article.

2do-iphone-app-review1. 2Do

A user-friendly task management and ‘to do’ list app that does exactly what it says on the tin. The user-interface is clean an intuitive and the latest version now supports synchronisation with Outlook, Mac, and Toodledo. The Biggest feature of this app is push notifications. Many to-do managers in the app store are missing this feature that is top of the shopping list for many shoppers of the App store. When making a new to-do, or editing an old one, there is the option of assigning alarms for when the item is due and/or before it’s due. These alarms come in the form of push notifications and/or email, giving you no excuse to forget your partner’s birthday!

Price: £0.59 2Do: Tasks Done in Style - Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

evernote iphone app review2. Evernote

If you love taking notes in all different forms and shapes and need a bit help with organizing and searching your notes then this is the App for you. The beauty of Evernote lies in its simple presentation and organization of notes, images, websites, text, video, etc. It makes great use of the iPhone’s location awareness, which means that you can actually organize your notes and synchronize it with the place where they were taken. One of the key features of Evernote is the capability to Auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac, PC, and Web. Another handy useful feature is its ability to make the text within snapshots searchable, which, coupled with the great use of the iPhone’s inbuilt voice recording, location awareness, and camera makes Evernote a fantastic App for the absent-minded!

Price: Free Evernote - Evernote

Dropbox-iphone-app3. Dropbox

Have you ever wanted to be able to access all of your important documents and photos from your iPhone without the need of doing any synchronization? If the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ then definitely give this App a try. There are many sync and share apps out there, however, generally speaking Dropbox is a clear favourite by many of the users that we speak with. Apart from installing the Dropbox app on your iPhone, you need to also install the client app on your PC or MAC. Once that is done then all that you need to do is to drag and drop any document you wish into your Dropbox folder. It will then automatically synchronise your documents and make them available on your iPhone. No matter what format your document is in, Dropbox will be able to handle it with impressive speed. The beauty of Dropbox is the fact that it lets you view any document format (Excel, Word, pdf, PowerPoint, you name it!), so it also works as a great document viewer on your iPhone.

Price: Free Dropbox - Dropbox

logmein-ignition4. LogMeIn Ignition

This App allows you to access PCs in the same way as on the LogMeIn website – but via your iPhone or iPad. If you want an easy and reliable way to remote control all of your computers then this deserves consideration. LogMeIn comes with an expensive price tag (£17.99) and you might be concerned as to how easy it will be to use with the small iPhone screen. Cassie did full review which you can find here on iPhoneAppCafe and in her experience after getting used to the zooming functions and the option of keeping the mouse in one place while moving the screen, it actually functions quite easily.

Price: £17.99, Full Review by Cassie LogMeIn Ignition - LogMeIn, Inc.

Keynote-Remote5. Keynote Remote

With Keynote Remote, you can control your Keynote ’09 slide presentation on your Mac from your iPod touch or iPhone. It’s great because you are actually using your iPhone to view and control the slides; you no longer need to worry about line of sight to the laptop. It only works with WiFi and not Bluetooth and is very easy to setup. The only issue that we can find with this App is that since slides have to be downloaded to the iPhone, sometimes there is a bit of a wait involved, which is normally not an issue for a small presentation but can begin to drag if you are giving a longer presentations with a huge number of slides.

Price: £0.59 Keynote Remote - Apple Inc.

document-to-go iphone app review6. Document To Go

Having looked at various reviews and recommendations, there are two names that keep popping up when it comes to MS office document, QuickOffice and Document To Go. There doesn’t seem to be clear winner here and we have read mixed feedback form both. We chose Document To Go quite simply because it came across to be more user-friendly and the fact that it uses the standard iPhone predictive keyboard tips the balance slightly. I have had a few stability issues with QuickOffice, for example when creating a new word document it crashes on me every time, but that could be due to the fact that I am using an older version which might not be compatible with OS4. Document To Go also lets you view PowerPoint presentations, which is not available on Quickoffice. However, QuickOffice states on their website that PowerPoint will be supported soon.

Price: £5.99 Documents To Go® - Office Suite - DataViz, Inc.


worldcard-mobile iphone app review7. WorldCard Mobile

If you need something to help with managing your business cards, definitely check out WorldCard Mobile. WorldCard Mobile is a business card scanner that will help to keep you organized and take care of all those loose annoying business cards! WorldCard Mobile uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from business cards to your iPhone contacts. The only drawback of OCR is the time it takes and the likelihood of errors. The alternative is Econtact Pro which is another popular business card reader. Econtact Pro is the only App in the store that doesn’t use OCR so it’s really accurate and takes much less time to scan. Hence, if you intend to scan business cards in volume then Econtact Pro might be the better choice for you. Be aware though of a small charge involved with every scan ($0.10 per card). This is due to the fact that cards are transcribed manually.

Price: £3.49 WorldCard Mobile - business card reader & business card scanner - Penpower Technology Ltd.


flight-track-pro8. Flight Track Pro

For those regular travellers amongst us this is a really handy App to own. Flight track Pro imports flight data automatically from any airline confirmation email and then sends you push alert with real-time changes to your flight. You can type in your flight number and departure date manually, or use the online TripIt service instead. What’s good about this App is that even if the App is closed, you will still receive the push alerts. Other great features include Real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations, syncing with your phone’s calendar, review weather radar and forecasts, and the latest version also supports multitasking on iOS4. Wow!

Price: £5.99 FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata - Ben Kazez

for-my-eyes-only9. My Eyes Only

007 in name, 007 in nature, this $9 app from Software Ops is useful for travellers or for those who want to keep a record of personal data. Until retailers, airlines, bus terminals, and any other place where you need a credit card lets us use a phone as a form of ID, we’ll all be carrying around plenty of plastic; or, using new technology you can store all of your credit card details, passwords, and logins securely on your iPhone and save a very cluttered wallet! With an encryption level that, (according to the developer) is so strong, it needed U.S. Government Approval for Export, you can be confident that nobody else will be able to steal this information.

Price: £4.99 My Eyes Only™ - Secure Personal Information Manager - Software Ops LLC

dragon-dictation10. Dragon Dictation

If you don’t have a personal assistant to do the typing for you, (and, let’s face it, who can afford a PA at the moment?!) then give this free App a try. Dragon dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application, which you can use for voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard. Another feature we particularly liked was being able to update twitter and Facebook status via voice instead of typing. The general feedback on this app is mixed, like much other voice recognition software the accuracy will very much depend on how you speak and pronounce the words. Jack did put this app to test and you can see for yourself the level of accuracy he achieved.

Price: Free – Full Review by Cassie Dragon Dictation - Nuance Communications


If you feel there is a missing app that should definitely be on this list the please let us know by commenting below.

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  1. I love Evernote as it enables me to work seamlessly from either my MacBook, my iPad or my iPhone 4. It has become my unique tool for capturing my notes, writing papers and brainstorming.

    I also use World Flights, not only because I designed it, but mainly because I designed it to fill my specific needs as one on the World’s most frequent flyers (one round the world trip per month with at least 6 stop overs and all the small trips in between). World Flights enables me to track the status of my flights using many different search approaches depending on my situation at any given moment. For $1.99 it is the best value for money flight tracker on the AppStore. (http://www.3dot5.net/world-flights/)

    IFindHotels is also a very good mobile search engine to find and book the best deals for almost any given hotel worldwide. It quickly became a must have for my ever changing plans.

    I use Truphone to minimize roaming costs while on wifi networked around the world and to call my foreign customers. Truphone Anywhere is also a wonderful way to call abroad while not connected to wifi.

    QuickOffice let’s me store and edit Word and Excel documents (even though working with spreadsheets is a little tedious) and has become a must have to quickly react to changes in contracts or other documents.

    Convert is another must have to quickly convert anything into anything, from currencies to measurements and temperatures, the calculator-like look and feel and functionality is a real winner.

    I also use iBooks to not only store and read my books but also store my PDFs and since the iPad, I am storing all my presentations as PDF on iBooks for impromptu coffee table presentations.

    Things is also my favorite task manager, like Evernote it let me seamlessly work from either my Mac, my iPhone or my iPad.

    Of course after a long business day or during a small break having a few games is also part of the whole experience my favorites are by far the superb Angry Birds and Bejeweled 2 (mainly for Bejeweled Blitz which is a great way to spend a spare minute).

  2. Quick comments about my backyard – scanning business cards – disclaimer: I am the co-author of ScanBizCards for the iPhone:

    Accuracy is clearly the #1 consideration when choosing a business card scanning app but a close 2nd criteria IMHO is everything the app enables besides adding to the address book. After all, adding to the address book is hardly the end of the road for a new contact – the time to act on a new contact is NOW and a good app should provide an arsenal of ways to act and manage scanned cards instantly right from your iPhone. ScanBizCards (www.scanbizcards.com) shines in that respect.

    The 2nd comment is that there are actually two other iPhone apps doing manual transcription besides EContact Pro: CardMunch and CardZulla.


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