10 Best Apps For The iPhone 5

10 Best Apps For The iPhone 5


10 Best Apps For the iPhone 5

One of the most prominent reasons as to why many people buy an iPhone is the apps you can install. Apps for smartphones are a widespread craze that has millions of users downloading content regularly. With the faster operating system and larger screen,, the iPhone 5 is even better than its predecessors for app usage. Here are some of the most prominent apps everyone should consider downloading to their iPhone 5.

1. Angry Birds: Star Wars – Angry Birds Star Wars - Rovio Entertainment Ltd

The epic Angry Birds franchise moves into the Star Wars universe. Use your birds to deal justice to pig-troopers in this edition of one of the most popular games for tablets and phones. The larger screen of the iPhone 5 works great for this game and allows you much more maneuverability and accuracy.

Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone App Review

2. Visual Budget – Visual Budget: Expense Tracking and Budget Management - Kiwi Objects

For those who need to keep an eye on their budgets, Visual Budget can help keep your finances in check. With support for importing CSV or OPX files, you can keep track of many aspects of your budget while on the move. The larger screen and faster operating system of the iPhone 5 allow you to both see and process the data in an expedited manner.

Visual Budget iPhone App Review

3. Healthy Dieting – Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner by ShopWell - ShopWell

The Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner app can take the guesswork out of finding which foods are the best for your personal needs. By scanning the barcode of a particular product, you can find out if it is right for you based on your physical characteristics and allergies. The iPhone 5’s larger screen helps older people and people with health issues see the data more clearly.

Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner iPhone App Review

4. CBS Sports – CBS Sports - CBS Interactive

Keep up to date with all the scores and highlights from any of your favorite activities. CBS Sports provides live scoreboards, stats and seasonal college sports broadcasts from your phone anywhere at any time. Best of all the large screen on the iPhone 5 lets you see more scores from more teams at the same time!

CBS Sports iPhone App Review

5. iTunes U – iTunes U - Apple

With iTunes U, you have access to a vast array of educational content to take classes varying in all fields of study. More than 500,000 books, videos, lectures and more are literally at your fingertips for your iPhone 5. The bigger screen means a better view, too, and faster downloads.

iTunes U iPhone App Review

6. Garage Band – GarageBand - Apple

Create musical scores from anywhere with a wide variety of instruments. Gather your friends together and create iPhone music and share it on iCloud. The iPhone 5 increases the fun by giving you more room to play and more processing power to get things done.

Garage Band iPhone App Review

7. iMovie – iMovie - Apple

Create and edit movies taken with your iPhone 5. The iMovie app allows you to add special effects, cut scenes, and add music and sounds to any video stored on your iPhone.The larger screen and faster processing makes editing video on your iPhone 5 a snap!

iMovie iPhone App Review

8. Numbers – Numbers - Apple

Creating a spreadsheet for any purpose can provide a wealth of knowledge from data analysis. Numbers for the iPhone takes it a step further by adding style, 3D charts, and other features that are missing in popular programs. The increased processing power of the iPhone 5 makes this go much faster, even on the run.

Numbers iPhone App Review

9. Find My iPhone – Find My iPhone - Apple

If your iPhone is missing, stolen, or otherwise lost you can log into another iOS device and track it by using its built-in GPS locator. Any device using your Apple ID can be found in this manner such as iPads and MacBooks. Since the iPhone 5 is brand new, you know thieves will be on the lookout for any opportunity to snatch one!

Find My iPhone iPhone App Review

10. PayPal Here – PayPal Here - PayPal, an eBay Company

One of the most heavily used online payment methods is available for the iPhone. Accept credit and debit cards through the use of a card-swiper and adjust for taxes, discounts, and more. A very useful app for iPhone 5 users with a small business. The increased speed will help you satisfy your customers even faster.

Paypal Here iPhone App Review

Apps are being developed every day for the collection of iOS devices. Nearly any app wish and/or need can be fulfilled for your iPhone. And if one hasn’t been developed yet, there is a good chance it will be soon. The iPhone 5 is the fastest and brightest one yet and is perfect for a variety of new and innovative apps.

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