11 App Idol Finalists Announced

11 App Idol Finalists Announced


App Idol

We’ve finally done it. After gratuitous amounts of blood, sweat and tears, we aimed to whittle the hundreds of applicants that entered their ideas down to the top 10, but due to the high quality of the videos we received we couldn’t narrow the list to 10 so now we have 11 finalists.  The fate of the winner lays in the hands of the four esteemed judges; they will decide who is going to win the $1,000 prize money as well as getting their app developed by Locassa and receive a huge publicity package from iPhoneAppCafe, iPhone Life and other media partners.

We received over 680 submissions to our App Idol competition, which was absolutely fantastic; some of the submissions were good, some were great and some were downright bonkers! After painstakingly reviewing every submission, we selected the top 20 and requested video reviews from each applicant; the quality of the submissions was already very high and we were impressed with a lot of the videos that came through. We spent an agonising few days deeming which videos were to go through to the final and eventually decided on our top 10. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Animal Wars

The player can choose an animal and fight against another animal e.g. a crocodile vs shark. There are different categories of animals.

2. Corn Runner

This is a game where the player will try to steal as much corn from the grumpy farmer before they get caught. As they progress through the game, the fields will take longer to get through and power-ups will be available for both the player and the farmer making the game more challenging and fun. The controls could be controlled by the accelerometer to move the player left and right and speed up and down.

3. Boom!erang

A fun game with a simple concept yet is hard-to-master boomerang game. This app requires the player to flick on the screen to throw their boomerang against a certain target/enemies. The characters in the game will try to dodge the incoming boomerangs, run from it or even counter a throw with another object. But be careful not to hit yourself!

4. Garden War

Garden War is a turn-based strategy game featuring combat between three uniquely balanced insect species: ants, grasshoppers, and spiders. As the game develops, players can recruit additional races to supplement their existing forces, including bees, wasps, slugs, and other common garden insect. Players select different plant areas of the garden to conquer (i.e. tomatoes, corn, carrots, cucumbers, etc.), challenging the other factions for control. Players win when each section of the garden has been conquered.

5. Crazy Dave

Dave is a 22year old boy who meets with an accident on his way home, and because of which he seriously injures his brain, which leads to a severe problem whenever his stress level increases. His aim is to pass through the jungle, which is filled with the most ferocious animals chasing him, so the main problem is whenever the crazy meter is full he does the exact opposite of what we order him to do. When the stress level is lower, he acts normal.

6. League of eX-Presidents

A fun beat-em up game with a humorous premise. The United States is under attack by space aliens (who hate democracy). With the country in a precarious situation, the nation turns to its political heroes of old – the eX-Presidents. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and more are revived through “science” to do battle on behalf of the U S of A. Each President uses their own super power to combat evil. Lincoln has his flaming stovepipe hat while Teddy Roosevelt can shoot lasers out of his monocle. The aliens don’t have a chance against this team of super heroes!

7. Picture This

A social game that allows the user to take a picture and send it to the other user allowing them a set time to guess the picture, as it displays to them in small pieces, until the entire image is shown. More points or “coins” would be given the sooner the player gets what the picture is. Think “Draw Something”, but with actual photographs from your device.

8. Flightr

By using the camera and sound effects – choose either to take control of a plane, jet, car, missile etc and get it to land safely whilst racing against the clock.

9. What To Cook

The problem that I have with cooking supper every night is not knowing what to cook with the ingredients that I have at home. I would like an app that would allow you to choose your type of food (Mexican, American, Chinese, etc.), then type in 3 ingredients that you have at home; the app would then generate simple recipes that use the 3 ingredients.

10. Bear Freestyle!

This app is a game in which the objective is to keep a bear (the main character) balanced on an oil drum. It is a simple game which utilises the accelerometer, the aim would be to gather up a high score by “surviving on the oil drum/barrel” scoring would be based on time, to make the game harder other bears would be coming in from the sides of the screen forcing you to tilt the device.

11. Placemail

That’s right guys, due to the fact that the quality of applications was so high, we had to add another ‘Wild Card’ entry into the top 10!

Placemail is reverse geocaching.  Instead of going somewhere to find an item you carry your item to a location and it opens.  The item in this case is a message.  Users can send each other messages that cannot be read until they are in a location and/or time specified by the message sender.

The winner of the competition will be announced on August 16 but in the meantime, why not tell us which is your favourite idea in the comments section below? Alternatively, you can send us a tweet or post your comments on Facebook.


  1. The Winner is now announced! and yes it is Boom!erang: http://fanappic.com/the-winner-of-app-idol-is-boomerang/

    Thank you all for your comments and votes. We really appreciate it. Boom!erang was the most popular in the comments, so yes judges did pay attention to the votes here.

    It was a close call between Boom!erang and League of eX-Presidents.

    Do you think we should make this competition a regular event?

    Until next time….

  2. Congrats to boom!erang.

    Would justlike to say I though bear freestyle was a brilliant idea and it’s annoying that I didnt find out earlier to comment on it. Third place is excellent so dont give up young man! You have a brilliant idea there which is not to be wasted by you. Keep at it and find another way to do this. I’m sure you can so I am waiting for it to appear on the app store now. Don’t be disheartened, you obviously have a good mind for this area as I could never imagine turning your experience into a game. Well done on third, it is an amazing achievement out of so many people. Good luck to you.