The Winner Of App Idol Is: Boom!erang

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After 6 weeks of vigorous competition, in which we have reviewed some of the weirdest and most wonderful app ideas known to man, we have finally determined a winner.  We can now proudly announce that the winner of iPhoneAppCafe’s App Idol is Eric Egong with his idea for Boom!erang.  Eric wins a prize of $1,000, courtesy of iGame Radio and gets his app developed by leading development company Locassa, as well as continued mentoring from our App Idol judging panel and huge exposure on iPhoneAppCafe as well as our numerous partner sites.  This truly is a fantastic opportunity for this bright and ambitious young man.

Picking a clear winner certainly wasn’t an easy task; Boom!erang had some tough competition to beat and it really did come down to the wire.  The top three finalists were:

Winner: Boom!erang

Second Place: League of Ex-Presidents
Third Place: Bear Freestyle

The winner was selected after each judge voted their top 3 apps. It was actually a very close call between the League of Ex-Presidents and Boom!erang, but at the end judges decided to go with Boom!erang because some people voiced concerns about game play involving Ex-Presidents being offensive. Also, Picture This was very high in the rankings but at the last minute we found out that very recently a similar app called PictureThis was released on the App Store, therefore we had to exclude this app from our top three list. We also had many votes and comments on our blog, which, although they weren’t part of the formal decision-making process, the judges definitely keep them in mind when determining the outcome.

We would like to thank everybody who submitted their ideas to this competition, everybody who followed App Idol and shared it with their friends and any fan of our website, old or new.  It is your loyalty and support that helps us launch competitions and events like App Idol; we really could not do it without you.

We are very excited to work together with Eric Egong and Locassa to start developing Boom!erang and turn in into a successful app.

Here’s a little reminder of our winner’s proposal; see the rest of the video submissions here.

A fun game with a simple concept yet is hard-to-master boomerang game. This app requires the player to flick on the screen to throw their boomerang against a certain target/enemies. The characters in the game will try to dodge the incoming boomerangs, run from it or even counter a throw with another object. But be careful not to hit yourself!

Our judge’s thoughts…

Chris Maddern: “This is a fun idea. I guess the big question for the success of this in my mind is ‘would I then hand my phone to a person I was with and say, “OK then…you try”, which would then prompt them to download it too. Maybe I would.

Rob Shoesmith: “What I love about this app is its simplicity. It’s not overly complicated and I feel that it would have an addictive nature which is always important.”

Alex Cequea: “Cool idea, but really comes down to execution. Games that require you to accurately throw or guide an object can get frustrating really quick if the controls aren’t ultra sensitive. Nevertheless, this can be a fun casual game.

Simon Lee: “Nice pick-up and put down idea. Quick and simple to get into but difficult to master.

If you have any comments or ideas about what features to include in Boom!erang then please write them below. We do value all feedback from our readers and we would love your help in turning this fantastic app idea into successful app that tops the iTunes charts!


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