“Bibi Blocksberg – “The Broom Race“ now available in the App Store...

“Bibi Blocksberg – “The Broom Race“ now available in the App Store – The animated TV series star flies from Nintendo Wii to iPhone/iPad!


December 20th 2010 – Right on time for the 30th anniversary of the cheeky witch the successful and awarded Nintendo Wii game “Bibi Blocksberg – “The Broom Race“ is now published for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It is time to take your seat on the witches’ broom and enjoy this fast-paced ride. This game is writing a new chapter in the long success story of the popular storyteller series. Two months after the Nintendo Wii-release, the German Games development company Nurogames will finally launch the game for iPhone and iPod touch, which is available on the iTunes App Store now.

Bibi Blocksberg is a little witch and star of the animated TV series in her name. The popular show has over 100 episodes published in 66 countries and the corresponding audiobook has sold over 43 million copies, won numerous awards and has been made into 2 feature Films.
This iPod and iPhone game is based on the Nintendo Wii title, “The Broom Race,” that was premiered for Bibi Blocksberg´s 30th Anniversary.

About the Game

Genre:                          Racing Game/Adventure

Target Group:                Casual Gamer/Family

In multiple gaming environments based on the setting and atmosphere of the audio plays scenery, the player can enter the game. As swift as an arrow the brooms aren’t easy to handle on the race through the thrilling routes near Neustadt. There are six racetracks to choose from, each with exciting environments such as the Vampire track or the Knight track.

The Broom Race can be played in two different modes: the time trial and the Cup-run. A total of four characters are available. Besides Bibi Blocksberg, the player can also choose Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian. Fast player can climb the way to the top of the OpenFeint and Game Center leaderboards! In addition to that, the game also features a Facebook integration to allow users to post score updates straight from the App to their Facebook wall.

In October 2010, “Bibi Blocksberg – “The Broom Race” was honored with the German “GIGA-Maus 2010” Award as the best console game (for Nintendo Wii) of the year in the category “Games for children between the age of four and six“.

Game Features:

●      Language selection (English, German, French)

●      2 race modes: time trial & Cup-run

●       4 characters: Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian

●       6 rapid routes

●       Share your Highscore via Facebook or Twitter

●      Online Highscore using OpenFeint and Game Center integration

About Nurogames

Nurogames GmbH is a young independent Games Development company, founded in early 2006 by practised experts of the games and media industry. Next to our head office in Cologne we maintain representative offices in Barcelona and Berlin.


More Information: http://apps.nurogames.com/index.php?page=bibi&track=flyer

Wii Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP9aycmqOYY

App Store Download

iPhone/iPod touch: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bibiblocksbergthebroom/id405473154?mt=8

iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bibiblocksbergthebroom/id408364231?mt=8



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