25 Funniest Auto Correct Mistakes Ever

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Oh, hello there! What brings you to these parts? Is it in search of giggles and guffaws at the expense of someone else and their iPhone? If it is, then you’re in the right place! Following the success of our 15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong, we decided to compile an even longer list of mistakes and typos that iPhone fans have made around the globe that just so happen to create and absolutely side-splitting texts. With a huge thanks to Damn You Auto Correct, these are our 25 funniest auto correct mistakes ever.

1. Oversharing

2. The Luck Of The Irish

3. A New Haircut

4. The Family That Lays Together…

5. Worst Present Ever

6. An Antique Bargain

7. Dr Doolittle

8. Nepotism At It’s Best

9. Just What The Doctor Ordered

10. Mother Dear

11. Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Nicknames Will Never Hurt Me

12. A Part Time Job For Whitney Houston?

13. Mistletoe With A Difference

14. Latte Developer

15. Hangover Part 3?

16. First Date

17. Whatever Floats Your Boat

18. Jingle Bells

19. Just A Regular Office Job…

20. Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be

21. What Kind Of Restaurant Were You Eating At?!

22. Silence Of The iPhones

23. Bad Taste Party

24. It’s Always In The Last Place You Look

25. You’re Never Too Old To Get Back In The Saddle

With special thanks to Damn You Auto Correct!

For more fantastic auto correct mistakes, check out 15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong; if you have any funny auto corrects that you have done, we want to see them! Post them on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.

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posted on 29 January 2012

LOL!!! Funniest post ever, I nearly peed myself!!!!

App Lover
posted on 29 January 2012

Number 16: First Date and number 24: It’s Always In The Last Place You Look are my two favourites!! Just shared this on my Facebook and got so many likes, it’s amazing!!!

posted on 30 January 2012


Jaired Smokeday
posted on 28 September 2012

I loved it

posted on 13 December 2012

i just love these! they’re hilarious

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