How Wrike Software Can Help You with Project Management in 2018

How Wrike Software Can Help You with Project Management in 2018


A few years ago, we wrote about how incredibly useful Wrike software is. During this time, the Wrike team has continued to expand the cloud software’s abilities, allowing users to further achieve their collaboration and management goals. Interested in seeing how Wrike can help you manage projects like a boss? Read on for all the ways Wrike can revolutionize your business!

Anyone in charge of a team knows that there are a lot of things you need to accomplish in order to get things to run smoothly. First, you need to organize everyone and their work output. Wrike can help with visibility by allowing you to view real-time reports and status updates for all of your team members and their projects. You can access folders and projects, assign and schedule tasks, and review your inbox and notifications (all while you’re on the go). All projects are available in various views (list, board, timeline, workload), so you’re easily able to track progress in whatever format you choose.

So What’s New?

One of the more exciting new features of Wrike’s latest update is its integration with Microsoft teams that launched early last year. Microsoft teams make it easier to develop team working hubs between colleagues which in turn creates a better-connected workflow allowing for a seamless collaboration of ideas.

The Wrike collaboration with Microsoft teams takes this one step further by transforming these freeform conversations into actual structured work as well as expanding users access to collaboration tasks within teams.

Another useful feature of the update is Wrike’s expansion of its Dashboard capabilities. Earlier this year, Wrike enabled its users to create and edit personalized Dashboard Widgets. Using this new tool Wrike was then able to simplify and improve sharing, navigation and the overall look and feel of the software.

Using an integrated workflow has become a necessity within businesses but with so many moving and collaborating parts, it can sometimes get a little messy. Often huge amounts of information become lost or trapped within emails, direct instant messaging, and comment threads. Wrike’s new and improved search function gets around this by making it easier for users to find tasks, projects and folders, request forms, reports and users all in one search!

With Wrike’s newly updated search function, you can:

  • Find all matching content of other Wrike users
  • Find what you’re looking for more easily by searching via categories and content type
  • Filter through any lists, projects or folders by using a keyword search
  • Find matching colleagues based on names, titles, groups or locations

With Wrike’s assistance, you can work to streamline your team’s workflow, so that everyone is on task at all times. Wrike gives you the flexibility to both track and manage your team all in one dashboard. This flexibility then allows you to collaborate more freely with your teammates. Since you’ll have a better understanding of your team, you can also simplify your planning strategies. Wrike can help you monitor your teammates by tracking time spent on tasks with the automated timer. If you have questions or concerns, Wrike lets you submit requests through customized forms. To increase productivity, you can also create and view custom reports (including tables, graphs, and charts) that can then be shared with the rest of your team or with executives or clients.

Wrike software

Wrike, founded back in 2006; has become an invaluable tool that can be used for project management, planning, and team collaboration. Currently being used by over 15,000 happy customers, Wrike can provide assistance whether you own a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Available for free, you can download the software at Google Play or the Apple Store and can easily set up an account to get started. There are also enhanced programs for professional, business, enterprise, or marketing plans that are available at a variety of price points. The best part is that every plan is available for a free trial, so you can try out Wrike’s services before you commit. Wrike is also compatible with a number of programs, including Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and Word, DropBox, and Gmail.

Wrike can help you create a stronger team with better communication and organizational skills. Whether you’re helping your teammates stay on task or are working to become a more collaborative team, Wrike can help your business become more effective with more reliable results.


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