Winning Sports Advice for Passionate Game Lovers

Winning Sports Advice for Passionate Game Lovers


Winning Sports Betting Advice iPhone App Review

For most people, sports-betting has been a kind of way out to have fun and relax essentially. Their play lack ambition or strategy in it. However, it might qualify to be a lifelong companion and friend, if you decide to traverse in the smart way. So, now you have an app for this too!

Winning Sports Advice offers you the opportunity to deal with some top handicappers from all parts of the globe and helps you with betting advice and sports predictions from them. It does not require any money to download it, so it is a freely downloadable app, although users have to make some in-app purchases in order to buy advice from the expert handicappers. The in-app purchases sum to around $9.99 to $19.99 for those who wish to pay it in order to buy advice for their favorite games. The team of handicapper expert includes Rocky Atkinson, Joe Gavazzi, Timo Kanerva, Billy of Indian Bet, Tony George, Tony Karpinski and Joe D’Amico.

There is no need of any sort of subscription for continuous use of this app. After you pay the expected amount for buying advice, you have access to all your buying sports advice, downloading which is as easy as downloading a song you like from the iTunes. So, it appears to be a simple procedure.

In the new version they have provided advice from many World-Class handicappers across Ten Spors – Football (CFB and NFL), Basketball (CBK and NBA), Hockey (NHL), International Soccer (SOC), Tennis (TEN), Baseball (MLB), NASCAR (NAS) and Boxing (BOX)

The whole process is pretty simple, every handicapper has his own rating for the Games that are counted in stars which range from 2 to 5 or even 10 stars. So, it enables rating of these games very easily, without much trouble. Ratings are not given by just one, but there are many who rate them and eventually a mean of all of those is posted on to the site. You can also settle for receiving free handicapping advice on a daily basis in the App directly, and all you need is opting for it just one time by your email. They also offer you a reward of a discount of about 50%, in case you are using the Buy Top or Buy All button, so as to purchase the advice. It is an app dedicated solely to entertainment and the Game Advice available can be purchased till 1 minute before the game starts. Winning Sports Advice is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and the software requirement is iOS 4.3 at the minimum.

However the real question is can anybody spend $20 to get some game advice from professionals? The number of users who would either be able to afford it or would be willing to use it is very few. But, for those passionate sports lovers who can afford it, it sort of, gives you a lot.

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