Top Reasons to Implement Video Conferencing

Top Reasons to Implement Video Conferencing


When it comes to one of the top strategies for businesses to get ahead, you should look no further than the new options of video conferencing. The printing press revolutionized communication abilities, and the transfer of information only advanced societies even further with the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, and electronic mail. Now that individuals are seeing the advancement of video communications and can look someone in the eye regardless of where they physically are in the world, it should only continue to propel business results.

Reliability of Communications

One of the hardest things for communications is that there can still be problems with communication in any area. Cell phones still can drop calls or can break up due to bad reception. Emails are quick but they can have the true meaning lost in the process. That is why when it comes to reading subliminal movements and being able to see the nonverbal communication, there truly is no substitute for the information that can be acquired with a face to face conversation, and when it comes to being able to access someone via video conferencing you can actually get an entire message by using your ears and your eyes.

Throw in the fact that video conferencing can be done by only having an internet connection, and you can see where almost anyone can connect to a conference call at any time all around the world. Plus, as the internet is only getting more powerful with stronger signals and lines all across the globe, the truth of the matter is you will simply be able to communicate just as well in the conference call as you could in a face to face scenario. Plus, if you can eliminate the confusion of communication you are improving company morale and the team building efforts in the process according to Small Business Chron.

Instant Transfer of Information

One of the hardest things about having a conference call on the phone in the day’s past is that you needed to remove the visual sense. People were not able to see the actual numbers, projections, or even the text documents the other parties could see. This made every step more difficult along the way from hiring potential candidates to approving invoices, from going over legal information and lawsuits or even reviewing accounting data.

That is just one of the reasons why so many businesses are tapping into the ability of video conferencing. With the power of huddle file sharing by BlueJeans, companies can remain on the conference call and have every party viewing the same document simultaneously. The confusion is completely eliminated, and everyone can get (and stay) on the same page for the duration of the meeting. Plus, with the ability to record calls and review them at a later time, there are more than enough reasons to have documentation available

Increase in Productivity

As Andy Core will discuss, there are more than enough reasons to try and increase productivity in the workplace. That being said, not only can you increase productivity to try and improve profits, respond to customer demands in a timelier manner, and even have less downtime, but you can also see less stress building up on your employees.

Employees of an organization may not want to embrace new technologies and new trends if it means they have to learn and continue to be trained all of the time. However, when you can show an employee how much time and effort they can save, they will want to make the switch and will embrace the entire system as well. Productivity continues to increase further productivity, and the ability of video conferencing to save only a few minutes here and there can translate into thousands of hours and dollars saved.

Save Money

When you consider the costs of travel, you should think about every area skyrocketing. There are not only costs for travel itself, but there are costs associated with lodging, giving employees meals, and even trying to treat potential clients and customers to lunches and dinners. By just being able to check in from a video conference call you can have more touches with your contacts but do it for a far cheaper cost in the process.

There are countless reasons why a given organization would switch to video conferencing to improve their operations. However, it is up to the individual business to try and figure out what works best for them. So long as a company can tap into the power of mobile conferencing that is both convenient and complete, then they should no longer skip a beat when it comes to keeping people on the same page and doing it faster than they ever have before.