Liquid Avatar App Creates a Secure and Customised Digital Version of you

Liquid Avatar App Creates a Secure and Customised Digital Version of you


Our online data can be access and potentially fall into the wrong hands if we don’t take the right steps to secure our information. Online fraud is more prevalent now than it was 15 years ago, even though platforms and business have taken much more steps now to secure our data. However, it doesn’t stop hackers from accessing what’s important to you. You need to take steps to protect your digital life and share only the information you want. This is why the Liquid Avatar app available for both iOS and Android is the perfect partner to help you keep your data safe and allows you to share only the information you want on the platform you are using.

Liquid Avatar allows you to create what the developers call Facet or icons. Which is a digital customised version of yourself that lets your share what you want, whenever you want and to who you want. You can create an Avatar for each part of your life, such as social media, gaming platform, friends, family and business. Sort of a digital passport for your online life. There are a number of free elements within the app that allows you to customise your Avatar just the way you want. There is a biometric scanner that is built within the app to make sure that you and only you can access your information. The layer of security protects your identity and it’s less worry about your data being used without your permission.

Liquid Avatar gives you the option of getting as much Avatars you want for the platforms you use.

Main Liquid Avatar Features:

Make a Character & Gate Digital Information

– Create an avatar with the presentation layer of the app

– Public layer: holds information that everyone has access to

– Private layer: includes secure information that can be gated and only shared to certain contacts

– Security layer: protects your identity

– Share your avatar and information through a code scanner

Liquid Avatar Locker

– Avatar icons are stored in your locker

– Create multiple personas for different groups, such as work, family, gaming, school, etc.

Secure Your Digital Identity

– Create an avatar to represent your digital identity

– Verify your identity with a cloud-based biometric face scanner

– Link data to each avatar identity

– Keep your information safe

– Connect your Liquid Avatar to digital wallets, verifiable credentials, and more

Download Liquid Avatar from the App Store or Google Play to make sure you secure your digital life.


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